Decluttering 101: Tips for New Moms

As a first time mom, I accumulated a lot of stuff. A lot of gifts - mixed in with a few purchases. Now that Ava Rose is almost two. We decided to get rid of half of the stuff and keep the best ones for baby #2 *Whenever we are ready for that* 

When it comes to decluttering your space, there is honestly no right or wrong way to go about it. Everyone has their own routine that works for them but for someone like me who is extremely sentimental... it takes forever for me to start. Best outlook to have - It all comes down to simplicity and minimizing unnecessary things in your space!

Here are some tips that have helped me that I hope will help you to declutter:

Stop buying things you don’t need for your child
This is a big tip! The reason being is that if you continuously purchase things that aren’t necessary, you are going to end up with a cluttered mess. This will make it harder for you to start the process of decluttering because you will be overwhelmed with choosing what to keep or throw out. One thing I bought a lot of and received as gifts was onesies. I got some before the baby- at my baby shower and after Ava was born. TIP: I’d say start of with 10 instead of buying every cute one that you see. You end up wasting so much money that way. 

Buy compartment storage
These will help you declutter quickly for sure! I love them because it allows me to maximize the space around me. For instance, I bought one from IKEA for Ava’s closet. This limits the use of me having to buy extra large storage (i.e: dresser), because now I’ve got that extra space in the closet. I can do many things with this. Prep her outfits for daycare, store her sleepwear or even hold her bedding. So many options!  

Throw out/donate unwanted items
It is very common for us to want to keep every drawing and other things because we feel that it will be needed at a future date. I am definitely a culprit of this but I have realized just how much it leaves my space feeling cluttered. Take the time to go through all your children’s art/ unnecessary things and throw out anything that us outdated or no longer serves you. For clothing simply donate the things you no longer need to a local second hand store who will gladly take your items for you! Don’t keep things just for the sake of keeping them! Get rid of them and cleanse your space. 

I hope these tips helped you and gave you some inspiration for decluttering your own space! 


  1. Good post. i like decluttering.

  2. Not a new mom but I am applying all of these tips and tricks to my own life . I am planning to move into a home and I refuse to bring all my extra clutter with me ! Some things I haven’t seen or used in years !

  3. I am not a new mom , but I am applying these tips and tricks to my own life . I plan on moving into a new home and I refuse to bring all my clutter with me . Things I haven’t used in years!

  4. Compartment storage is a lifesaver!

  5. Amazing post... Thanks for sharing these tips!! Really helpful. Thankyou:)


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