Three Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair To Do At Home

Bantu knots, box braids, weaves, cornrows, you name it, we’re constantly rocking these looks with style and grace! My personal favourite are box braids because they are so convenient. You can get them installed and not have to worry about doing your hair for some weeks! What a relief eh? Especially with the weather we have in Canada, black protective hair care is a must! Plus, it can be an affordable way of protecting your hair. If you’re a naturalista like myself, then you are probably quite familiar with the hairstyles mentioned. I mean, it’s basically a part of our DNA! I thought I would list three black hair care styles that you can try this year to keep your curls healthy and growing smoothly!

Bantu knots
Last, but not least, bantu knots are a must to try! I am actually rocking bantu knots as we speak! They are my go to after wash day, when I want to stretch out my hair and add a bit of definition to my look. Why not make a bold statement and rock some bantu knots? No, they’re not space buns, where did that even originate from? I guess we’ll never truly know. You can either rock small bantu knots or bigger, depending on what you wish to try out. Some people also add decorative hair accessories like metallic yarn and golden clamps to complete the look! These are definitely a natural hair best friend that’s not only a great protective style, but also super easy to do yourself!

Braided Ponytail
This is a super cute hairstyle that’s been surfacing on a lot of social media sites lately and would definitely be the perfect hairstyle to try out this year! If you’re looking for a style that does not take too long to install, then give this braided ponytail style a try! To add more extravagance to the look, pair it with your favourite bead styles! I remember growing up, I would always have beads in my braids -- I felt like the coolest kid on the block!

Jumbo goddess box braid bob
If you’re looking to switch up your goddess box braid hairstyles, why not try out a jumbo version? Better yet, what if it was in the form of a bob with curls? For one, it will definitely take a shorter amount of time to do as opposed to medium or small box braids. In addition, they would look super cute and allow for your hair to continue to get the protection it needs to continue to flourish! If you want to add some decor to your hair, you definitely can with hair accessories like gold or silver clamps! Whatever suits your fancy. To take it up a notch, why not switch it up by adding a pop of colour? Does red suit your fancy? What about purple? The options are endless!

I hope you’ll try out one of these protective hairstyles.
What are some of your personal favourites? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Funny thing I'm actually preparing to try out bantu knots for that viral tik-tok video! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the results turn out good ��

  2. Bantu knits soooo cute in bald with this pixie but I love when my friends wear it

  3. Bantu knots are so chic and cute. And so are cornrows and braided ponytails. But you have to have really thick and luxuriant hair. Or else this style will expose a lot of the scalp. But I often wonder if such styles are painless. Doesn't all that pulling and tightening hurt the scalp?


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