Meet Aminata: Spiced Beauty Contributor

Meet Aminata!
She's a recent College graduate who will be writing on the blog for the next 3 months!

How would you describe yourself? 
Why did you want to contribute to My Spiced Life?
I would describe myself as a highly creative person because I love working with my hands. On a typical day you could easily find me engrossed in one of my many hobbies. I love sketching fashion designs, playing in makeup, singing, acting, painting, and crafting DIY’s. As a recent college grad, I am on a journey to start my career and find my footing in the world. I want to start by making a positive impact and uplifting the women that are a part of the My Spiced Life community!

Favourite Beauty Brand?
My favorite beauty brand is Fenty Beauty. It has a range of complexion products and I was able to easily find my perfect foundation match with just one visit to Sephora.

Lipsticks or Gloss? And why?
I always prefer lip gloss over lipstick because it makes my lips look juicy and plump.

Curly or straight hair or protective styling? And why?
Protective styling is my number one choice when it comes to my hair because it keeps my natural 4C curls from being overly manipulated. Plus, I just love a good lace front wig!

What’s your favourite motto?
My favorite motto is, “ The most reliable way to create the future is to create it.”

Favourite hair product that you always repurchase?
One of my favorite hair products is organic castor oil. My 4C hair is drier than the Sahara and castor oil is a product that really penetrates my strands and creates lasting moisture.

When someone first meets you- what’s the first thing that they notice?
When someone first meets me, they usually notice my makeup or outfit. I like to dress in bold colors and I love creating eye makeup looks that catch the eye.

Favourite place to travel to? and why?
I’ve only been on a plane ride once in my life and it was on a trip to Miami, Florida, USA. South Beach is absolutely beautiful and I fell in love with the scenery, culture, food, and weather. I would really love to visit another beach side atmosphere.

Favourite way to self-care?
I practice self-care by journaling and taking days off when I have to. Sometimes we need to decompress and let our minds wander about the things that may be causing tension in our lives. I find that journaling really helps me organize my thoughts and figure out my next steps in whatever is causing me stress.

What do you hope people get from your stories?
When reading my stories, I hope people are able to get informed and inspired by what I have to share. I’m so thankful to have a platform like My Spiced Life that I can share my ideas on and contribute my knowledge to!

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