First Time Mom Must Haves- Third Month

Hello everyone!
We're back with another update. I’m gonna start doing these monthly. 
Hopefully, I can keep up until 12 months!

Ava Rose turned three months on October 23. The most noticeable change is that she loves playing with her hands. From the earlier months, she loved hitting things like toys. Now she’s grabbing them and inspecting them. It's really cute! Also she’s in screaming stage. Which is funny because she only yells when she’s home. Usually when she’s outside she doesn’t really make any noise (AT ALL). Overall, still a very well behaved baby who sleeps through the night.

Meaning that this Toronto mom gets some sleep at night now!

Now onto the products which have made my 2 -3 month transition easy.

I know how I have shared this on Instagram a while back but baskets are everything! 
I have a basket for everything relevant. 
Basket A is for clothes that are her under shirts, plush toys and bibs. 
Basket B is for her bows, clips and socks. 
Baskets C has her washcloths, burp cloths and more socks!

These can be found at ToysRUs/BabiesRUs.
I truly never knew how much socks are a part of your babies wardrobe and life. I always find her feet are cold.  So I’m always looking for socks which are cute and can go with any outfit..

We also have a few baskets downstairs that her dad got her. Holding her diapers, quick outfit changes and another miscellaneous baby stuff.


My swing is everything! I know that some moms always debate if it’s worth it. O M G yes! The swing allows me to do so many things. I’m able to pump milk for the baby, cook dinner or even just take a little me time (all while watching her).  I've gotten SO many compliments on this swing. It's from Fisher price but I no longer see it online :(


Okay.. Let me tell you how this will change your life. YOU NEED a sound machine. I used to play my music off my phone but... I’ve run into issues where I put my phone somewhere and I can’t find it. Having a portable sound machine is good because where ever you go: grandmas house, vacation or even another part of the house- you have soothing sounds for your baby. Don’t underestimate the power of white noise. If your baby is in the mood- she/he will fall asleep ASAP. 

Thank you for reading!
As usual, if you have any tips/tricks for me- leave them below.

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