Postpartum acne is REAL!

I’m not sure how this post will be received but I know there will be one person out there who would/will identify. Let’s talk skin! One thing that isn’t spoken about enough is... Postpartum acne. 
I didn’t even know it was a thing until I researched it.
Maybe two weeks after having my daughter -my skin went crazy. It started on my nose and spread. Although it was the happiest time- it was also the saddest time as well. I know some will say - girl it’s just skin. Stop being dramatic! But when people start commenting on it - it hurts. "Do you wash your face?" or "Yikes. Are you okay?".

Why does Postpartum acne happen? 
Also “toxins” leaving your body which clog your pores. 
Some get it- some don’t. just has to run its course.

To get rid of it I tried some of my old tricks. Starting with tea tree oil. Didn’t work. 
I tried mild cleansers. No change. 

In the end- it was a toner that I bought from lush that REALLY made it start to calm down. Main ingredients: Sea water, aloe vera gel and rose. Plus I drank a lot of water!

There are a lot of things in pregnancy that I totally didn't know about. Although everyone is different- there are so many shared experiences?

Have you heard of or had Postpartum acne before?


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  1. Wow. Never even heard of post partum acne before. Not that I've had kids anyway. People are their tactless comments! How they heck does someone ask you if you wash your face. Ugh. Glad you found something that works for you.


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