buybuy BABY: Fall/Winter essentials for your baby

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY. All opinions here are my own.

This is my first fall/winter with my new baby and I’ve done so much research to get both of us ready. Keyword: US. As adults, we can put on several layers of clothes and have the ability to take them off throughout the day (depending on how hot we get). Obviously, babies don’t have the same opportunity because they can’t regulate their own body. We constantly have to keep checking their heads, hands and arms for clues on how they’re feeling. Here are some tips and tricks that I have researched and learned to get your baby throughout the fall/winter season.

All these items can easily be found at buybuy BABY. You can shop online or visit one of their two stores in Ontario: Vaughn or Whitby. If you get to visit one of their stores just know four major things:

  • They offer a price-match promise.
  • You can get hassle-free returns.
  • There is a comfortable feeding/changing room available. (Which I’ve used on multiple occasions for Ava Rose- very convenient)
  • Lastly free gift-wrap service in-store.

The temperature drops at night
I learned in my prenatal class that the number one rule for dressing a baby for bed is to add a layer on top of what you would wear. I’m not saying you do this... but if you sleep in underwear- your baby shouldn’t sleep in underwear..haha. They should always have on a sleeper or something comfortable for them to move in. This season we are actually going to make sure that Ava Rose wears a sleep sack or sleep bag. This one is super affordable at $13.99 CAN each. I love the fact that she can move around and stay warm. Also, diaper changes are a breeze with the head to toe zipper.

Have a few fleece outfits ready
Going somewhere and unaware of how the weather is going to play out? Layer them up! Start with a comfortable no sleeve/short sleeve onesie underneath. Gerber makes unisex baby 5-Pack bodysuits that you can find in-store for $9.99 CAN. They have short, long and no sleeve options available. Then add a cute fleece one piece on top! These outfits start at $13.99 CAN. I love how cute they are- Those prints! You can get a variation of hooded and non-hooded one pieces in store.

Jacket or no jacket.
This one is really tricky. I’ve seen a lot of reports that say NO jacket. If you are conflicted, I would tell you to consult your child's doctor on this one ( just to be 100% sure). We decided to go with a ''jacket" over the car seat. The brand that we chose was JJ Cole®. Their Infant Original BundleMe® has a thermaplush™ outer layer to keep your baby warm in the cold weather. They have several colours to choose from in-store starting at $69.99 CAN. Even without a jacket, I find that my baby is comfortable. Just to be safe- I always put a light blanket at her feet. I'd suggest the Gerber flannel receiving blankets and you can find them in-store for $13.99 CAN.

From all the reports I’ve been reading, it is going to be a very cold fall and winter. Although hibernation would be ideal- it's not realistic. As your going through the door with your new items don’t forget to stop at their accessory section and pick up some socks, a warm hat plus some no scratch gloves. They double as light gloves for your little one.



  1. I don't shop at BUY BUY BABY often but you've picked up some really nice items. I will be stopping by. You are right it's better to layer them and go from there.

  2. Thanks for this post! I wish I had this when my daughter was super little. She's 2 now. I would bundle her up to the highest degree the see her sweating then stop wherever I am and take all her clothes off again lol. Now she's at an age where she can communicate more. I never been to Buy Buy Baby. I should check it out.

  3. I absolutely loved the fleece onesies for my babies in the winter! Super cute for both genders ❤ Great post!

  4. This post is extremely helpful! I have a new nephew and my sister is a first time most so I will be sharing this with her forsure. Your little one is adorable as well.

  5. great post.. thank you for sharing ..i'm a mother of 4 months old baby boy this is very helpful for new mum like me ..Really looking forward to read more.



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