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Making the decision to incorporate pumping into your daily life is a tricky one. I applaud moms who are exclusive pumpers. Which means that they pump around six-eight times a day. I pump about four times a day (on a good day) and I feel like I am tied to my machine...but I will do anything for my little baby.

If you're a first time mom and interesting in pumping essentials- you have found the right post!

All of these products can be found at buybuy Baby. If you have any questions: One of their staff members can explain each product to you. They can also let you know what would work for your unique lifestyle before you have your baby. You can even put it on your registry!

I wish I had gotten one of those hands-free bras/bustier in the beginning of my journey. Having to hold your breast while you pump.... Not fun. This has totally changed my whole pumping experience. Now while hooked up- I can be on my phone, computer or even fold clothes. Getting things DONE!

Extra pump parts - Nothing more annoying then having to wash the same parts over and over. I did this for a few months. It was extremely annoying.  As a new mom, it's easy for things pile up and it’s easy to skip a pump. Now with the extra pieces, I have NO excuse.

Double or single pump? I went and got my pump a few days after I gave birth. I met a lovely associate in-store who asked me several questions before suggesting a pump for me.

I decided to get the double pump. Since I was unsure about my breast feeding journey. I'm grateful for that associate because almost 4 months in I can totally say- I know I chose the right brand for me and my lifestyle.

Lastly, a reminder that buybuy BABY price matches! Just visit any location and present the qualifying competitor's ad or website to any associate to receive your discount.

Question: did you pump when you had your baby?


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  1. Great read! Yes, I pumped and hoping to begin pumping more so my family can participate in her feedings.


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