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Makeup Master Classes with Julie Bégin: Power Beauty

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a master class with Makeup Artist Julie Begin. I haven't had the time recently to do "faces" as much because I work full-time (all the time) but I love hearing tips and tricks from others. The class was around 12 people and lasted three hours.

Some one the points I took away from the class were:

  • Be original.
  • Look for inspiration in everyday things.
  • Don't be afraid to try something out of the box.
  • Keep a notebook to record your thoughts so you don't forget them.
  • You don't need expensive products to do a look.

My favourite part was looking into her kit. I LOVE looking into other MUA's kits for products to use on myself or others. She even took products out of her kit and let us swatch it and try it out. Some of her favourites are MAC, Annabelle, L'oreal and MUFE.

Plus there was a model there which she used to demonstrated two looks on. We also had the opportunity to ask questions any time throughout the whole class. The classes are $300 USD (which may be a lot for some) but being an MUA is a "pricey" profession so the price doesn't surprise me. Especially from someone who has clients such as Balenciaga, John Galliano and Mark Jacobs.

Check out some pictures of Julie's work:

imPRESS by Broadway Nails Launch!

A few weeks ago I attended party for imPRESS me by Broadway Nails.

What is imPRESS nails you ask?
Your way to salon perfect nails in seconds!
  • No drying time
  • Superior, lasting shine
  • Easy removal
  • Lasts up to a week

They come in 36 different styles which suits each one of your personalities! 
I found the "nail polish" bottle that they come in super cute.
Application is REALLY easy. No glue need.
Just pull back the plastic to expose a special adhesive.
Line it up with your cuticle and push on.
My two week shellac was on it's way out, so I applyed the zebra print to my nails.
How amazing does that LOOK!
They look like gel nails in my opinon for less than half the price.

Check out this gorgeous picture I took of Anjali from Rock that look new imPRESS nail mani.

UPDATE for removal:
You gently peel off from side to remove. If they seem really 'stuck' then apply polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, the peel off.
* I didn't have any damage on my nails because I used nail polish remover to
take off the nail.*

What do you think about these nails?
Would you rock them?

The National Women's show DISCOUNT coupon!

I was approached by the The National Women's show to give out my own personalized discount coupon! How exciting is that :D If you haven't been to the Women's show before check out my previous post for some background info.

So print, share and take this wth you to the show!

Im So Vain Toronto event pictures

As a Toronto beauty Blogger, I was invited to attend I'm So Vain Toronto. It was a vanity event with the main focus on showcasing the latest services and procedures out there. The concept was a open environment with companies ranging from lash extensions, nails, teeth whiting and makeup touch ups. 

My favorite part was the social media lounge. 
It was a great concept for spreading for the word on I'm So Vain TO.

Check out the pictures from the event:

 Diet Coke Beauty Boost Truck

Dash Wedding Event Pictures!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cover a Dash Wedding Event. Although the venue was small- It was filled to the brim with delicious treats, makeovers and fab wedding vendors.

Check out my pictures from the event:

My giveaway winners :)

Hot for Hope: Spa & Shop in Support of Japan!

Sweat and socialites donʼt mix, but this wonʼt be the case on Saturday, April 30th.

Shop Socials is calling Torontoʼs everyday socialites to get Hot for Hope at Iyashi Bedrock Spa located at 2662 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton, with a spa and shop for the cause fundraiser in support of the Canadian Red Cross.

 With a $30 registration fee, guests will enjoy 30 minutes of Ganbanyoku, traditional Japanese hot rock bathing therapy, complimentary refreshments, skincare treatments and makeup touch-ups with each socialite taking home a hefty bag of goodies as thanks.

Along with the pampering, guests will have the opportunity to take a final bid on a myriad of stylish silent auction items donated from local designers and businesses, and the chance to shop after hours at neighbouring boutiques, I Heart Accessories and Cʼest Une Beaute, where gift cards will make splurge guilt-free.

 Space is limited to just 60 females guests only.

>>Buy Yours Now: