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Get Free Glasses at - Offer Ends Nov. 21

I've had the same glasses now for almost four years. My prescription was so low that my Optometrist told me that I really didn't need them. Being that I work on a dual screen computer daily, the glare really bothers me. Plus believe it or not I've always wanted a pair of glasses. Isn't that so nerdy! 

The current pair I own are hot pink. Fun... but I've always wanted a toned down black pair. A girls gotta have choices! With this deal from, I can get a new pair for FREE!

Do you wear glasses? 

*This is a sponsored post*

Canadian Holiday News: Pari Beauty Palette + Free faux tote from

I know some of you have seen these amazing palettes pop-up over a few beauty blogs in the past few weeks.

I'm totally late showing them but I think everyone needs a good palette or two to start the new year off with!

Palette one is: Tricks of the Trade
$69.00 CDN
Tricks of the Trade

- 8 highly pigmented eyeshadows
- 2 Ultra Gloss lip colours
- 2 silky soft blushers
- 1 full size Precious Glow illuminating and intensifying eye primer
- 1 Duo Mineral Highlighter Bronzer (New)
- 1 Double Ended Makeup Brush
Contents Value: ~$210

Palette two is: Black Tie Collection
$45.00 CDN
-10 neutral and smoky eye shades
-Full size high shine lipgloss
-Holiday edition bronzer/contour powder
-Illuminating face highlighter
-Mirror and applicators

You can purchase these palettes at Sears, Pari Beauty kiosk &

Lastly, I have to share that is offering a free faux skin tote with purchases over $75.00.
Here is a picture of the tote! 
I paired it with my "chained" blazer & waist belt <3
Have fun shopping ladies!

Bargin Finds: $5.00 Dress from H&M

I'm always asked where do I get my style & bargin roots from and the answer my MOM. No words can sum up how much I love that lady.

On one of her recent shopping trips to our holy grail store (H&M), she came back with this for me!

I ended up wearing it to my roof top date in Niagara Falls.  Perfect Occasion!

So ladies have you had time to check out any of the H&M sales?

OOTD Easy and Simple for only $10.00

This outfit is so simple but soooo cute! For years I would never wear t-shirt..long story but off the shoulder shirts were my thing.

On one of my many trips to Stitches.. I found this top. It's actually made of a light sweater material! So it's perfect for Fall & Winter...After going to the cash with 3 items I realized everything in the store is 50% off.

What I'm wearing:
Long grey Pocket tank- $1.50 from Stitches
Studded Off the Shoulder top- $2.00 from Stitches
Long wing necklace- $2.00 from Stitches
2 finger ring- $2.00 from Sirens
Tights - $2.50 from Stitches

That's a $10 outfit ladies!
 Loves it! What do you guys think about the prizes?

Deal Alert for Canadians @ Bath & Body Works

The mini Anti- Bacterical WATERLESS Hand Foams are 75% at some Bath & Body Works locations!!
They came to $1.13

The original price is $4.50. Girls pick them up while supplies last! Keep yourself healthy by killing bacteria and smelling good :)

Bath & Body Works deals for my Canadian Girls!

Offers valid at Canada Bath & Body Works stores only. Offers not valid online or at Bath & Body Works stores in the U.S.