Bargin Finds: $5.00 Dress from H&M

I'm always asked where do I get my style & bargin roots from and the answer my MOM. No words can sum up how much I love that lady.

On one of her recent shopping trips to our holy grail store (H&M), she came back with this for me!

I ended up wearing it to my roof top date in Niagara Falls.  Perfect Occasion!

So ladies have you had time to check out any of the H&M sales?


  1. Wow you got an awesome deal! I usually never find any huge sales like this at H&M but i will def be on the look out!

  2. Wow, nice dress! You find some great deals <3

  3. Lovely dress - here's to great moms :-) Mine was in H&M with me the other day helping me find the lace top I was looking for - and she found it!

  4. Such a lovely dress,think hav spotted it before in h&m lol

  5. h&m sales are soo goood.. i wish we had it where i live. the dress you bought is so pretty :)


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