Annabelle and Marcelle Beauty Premier Party!

A few weeks ago Annabelle and Marcelle Cosmetics came to Toronto for their beauty premier for Spring 2012. I'm lucky enough to have gone to several beauty event in the past but this one was truly amazing. There was makeup, food, drinks and most importantly engagement from Marcelle/Annabelle with us(bloggers).

I loved how there was different modules set up to learn about each launch. The most popular table was the make your own lip gloss table. This idea was purely genius!  Every girl Well I wish I could design my own lip gloss and I'm ecstatic that I got that opportunity to do so. We were given two bottles of our special concoctions.

The beautiful Robin from Fashionsta514 was at the table explaining the whole process.
Look at how long the line got at one point!
Close up of the color wheel.
We had to pick a minimum of 4 colors to mix our lip glosses.
Another amazing idea was offering us makeup on a platter!
I can't tell you how tempting it was not to empty it all in your purse..LOL

On to the launches for Spring 2012!
Each product set up was accomanied by an Annbelle/Marcelle employee. 
It was really cool to get your answers answered on the spot.
BB Cream in 2 colors: Light to medium & medium to dark!
Marcelle Gene Youth Skincare: Day & Night formula!
Annabelle Bigshow Lipgloss: Light & Sheer Gloss!
Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover that helps your lashes!
Marcelle Xtension Plus which curls & separates!
Check out some pictures from the event:
Taken from the Annabelle cosmetics facebook page
Me & Beauty Parlor testing out the Marcelle Gene Youth Skincare.

At the end of the night before we all left.. MORE makeup was set out for us to go through!

I snapped this HILARIOUS picture of Tamara. I just had to share :p


  1. Looked like such a fun event. I didn't realize there was such a great scene for beauty blogger here in Canada.

    Side note, loving the ombre hair shot!

  2. It seemed like such a wonderful event. Sadly, I couldn't attend the mtl one. :( You all look beautiful. Great photos as well.

  3. I wish I went... next time I will read my emails properly and not delete them!


  5. Oh snaps. I got an invite and wanted to go, but couldn't make it since it was a week night! I'm still pinching myself about it, haha.

  6. I must come out next time. Either to one of these or at least a TBB event that I've been wanting to attend in umm... forever! Love the last pic... lol!

  7. Hahahah the picture of Tamara is hilarious!!
    It was nice seeing you at the event!

  8. That's an amazing photo! <3

    " precious! Liners.."



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