Toronto IMATS Haul 2011

Finally I got the time to take and edit the pictures from my IMATS haul! I think I did pretty well.

I will try my best to do reviews on most of these products. If you have a request please let me know below.

Model in a Bottle:
I swear after hearing such great reviews from my ladies on twitter, I had to get the model in a bottle spray & brow sealer. I opted for the sensitive skin formula instead of the regular. I kinda regret it because I feel like the formula won't be able to handle my oilness. Once I try it out I will give you all a full review.
Red Cherry Canada:
I only took a picture of 7 but I bought 10 Red Cherry Lashes. I totally wish I walked around more because I bought them for $2.99 and I found them for $1.47 at another booth. Either way I'm excited to try my first pair of Red Cherry lashes out!

I seen a blog post on the soft matte lip cremes and I had to get a few for myself! So far I have been trying them out and I'm quite impressed. I really didn't need the polishes but for $2.00 each.. I couldn't pass it up!
I honestly have never seen a product like this before! Silicone based "gel/liquid" that dries to a powder finish. Look at these colors!!! I know I'll have fun with these.  The bright orange is cha cha and the red is livid.
LA Splash:
I've heard nothing but good things about their primer. I also wanted to try out their glitters! This stack was my favorite for it's variation. I'm excited to use it :)

Nigel's Emporium:
I think they had the BEST deal on lashes $10 for 7 pairs. These are actually the same lashes as the Red Cherry ones. Just a different "shell" and no case.
Royal & Langnickel:
At the Royal & Langnickel event we each got a Silk Green Line brush set! These brushes are the softest..OMG.  Be sure to look out for the review.

Lit Cosmetics:
Glitter galore! Their variation is crazy. So many cuts, colors and options. I can't wait to swatch them all for you. Take a look at that one glitter below called Soul Sister. I'm in love <3
 Have you tried any of these products before?
What do you want to see a review of first?


  1. Amazing haul. You got some great items!

  2. love your haul. The glitters are LOVE!

  3. so jealous!! those nyx lip cremes look really nice and those brushes look great also

  4. Nice haul! I wanted some of those NYX lip cremes as well.. but that line? No ma'am. LOL

    I got Soul Sister too.. ;]

  5. Love all the goodies you picked up. XO

  6. Amazing products, great photos <3

  7. I've never tried any of these products but I've read raves about the Model in a bottle spray - I so want to try it! Also think the red cherry lashes look gorgeous - and the NYX lip cremes.

  8. Great haul! The brush set looks amazing!

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  10. ugh you are sooooooo lucky you get imats where you live. i have no idea why they wont bring it to wpg soo many ppl would go. love all the cherry lashes you got! so jealous! lol

  11. OOoooh! Thanks for sharing your haul! Those brushes look fantastic :)

  12. I also got that brush set at the Vancouver IMATS. I love it!!

  13. Yay you finally got your lit glitters. Soul Sister is my fave of the few that I have!


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