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New Glasses from

I walked into my parents house and immediately I was asked where I got my glasses. I told my mom "off the internet"- she laughed and asked me if I got it from the mall. You can literally do everything/anything from the comfort of your computer. Now this includes finding a pair of glasses! 

I was contacted by and given the opportunity to try out a pair of glasses. I've been dreaming of owning a super cute pair of cat eyes but so far I haven't had any luck finding any.

That's when these babies popped up!
Love L773 Cranberry Punch

Maybe not an everyday pair for me. 
But the perfect accent to an outfit or a night out!

Overall the site has A LOT of glasses to choose from. If you're overwhelmed, there is a "TRY ON VIEW" section on each pair of glasses. Choose someone from a list of people who looks like you: Same face shape, skin tone or whatever. Or upload a photo of yourself!

It's super easy to get a pair of the site.
  1. If you know the frame name (eg. cat eye) or brand name type it in the search box.Top right side of the homepage.
  2. Once you get the result page- you can narrow down what you want. Then "Add Lenses"
  3. Pick your lens
  4. Add your prescription, pupillary distance, lens size & coatings
  5. Then add it to your cart and play with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex or PayPal.

Me rocking my new glasses

Do you have a favourite glasses shape?

Must haves for Fall- Glasses

I love fall fashion/ make up. Rich tones such as ox blood & cedar browns excite me. What is your ultimate fall makeup look? Mine would be a wine coloured lips and black liner for drama. BUT! You know you can’t have the look without the clothing and accessories.

One quick way and easy way to change up your look is by switching up your glasses! One of my favourite online glasses retailers has some great styles which would look great on anyone this Fall.

First, let me start of by saying online shopping for glasses is a unique experience. When I got my first pair from them last year- I had no issues. Mind you it was my second pair- so I totally knew what to expect. I found a pair that I loved and knew it would fit my face shape/nose. I then entered the details exactly as how they appeared on my prescription from my eye doctor. Filled out other necessary information any and they were at my door in no time.

Dsquared spotted red brown


Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Crystal

Hello Kitty Raspberry
Each of them unique and the perfect “must have” this season!

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Summer Trends: Round Frames from Clearly Contacts

Back in January, I got my eyes checked again. My prescription changed. It still really low (I don't need glasses) but it's good for prolonged use. I have a square pair of frames but I wanted something new. 
Fresh and office appropriate! I decided to go with a round Derek Cardigan frames from Clearly Contacts.
Round frames are making a major comeback this summer in eyewear. This vintage-inspired look is a refreshing change that provides a new style direction. Whether you are ready to fully embrace perfectly round frames, or want a gradual transition with softer rounded shapes, Derek Cardigan, 7 for All Mankind and Kenneth Cole are just a few of the great brands that offer variations on this theme.
This was my first time getting glasses from the "internet". It's definitely a different experience. Don't get me wrong, I love going into the store and trying on different pairs... but if you know what suits you that really helps with the process. Clearly Contacts has a "Try on View" option which you can upload a picture of your self and then you can see how the frames work with your face shape. If you don't have a picture available, they have a bank of models of different genders and face types to try on the frames with. If you're not completely happy with your item, return it for FREE! Plus free shipping on any glasses over $99.

Make a bold statement with these Derek Cardigan 7012 Smoke eyeglasses. These round eyeglasses come in translucent dark grey acetate. To help show off your geek pride, the division and multiplication symbols are featured on the sides with the equal sign on the arms.  Not only do these frames have great style but are also incredibly comfortable with its flexible spring hinges.  
Do you wear glasses? If so, which frames do you wear.

Need Help With Your Glasses?

Recently, I got my eyes tested again. The verdict was actually much better than I thought it would be. My eyesight has hardly changed in the past five years. I'll be 100% honest with you all... I wear my glasses like once every six months. I basically need them if I sit very far in the movie theatre or when I stare at my screen for too long without breaks.

I currently have a really nice hot pink pair but now I'm looking for something much more classy.

If you're like me and you don't know where to start, check out these videos:

How To Find Glasses That Fit

How To Choose The Best Lenses For Your Glasses

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Get Free Glasses at - Offer Ends Nov. 21

I've had the same glasses now for almost four years. My prescription was so low that my Optometrist told me that I really didn't need them. Being that I work on a dual screen computer daily, the glare really bothers me. Plus believe it or not I've always wanted a pair of glasses. Isn't that so nerdy! 

The current pair I own are hot pink. Fun... but I've always wanted a toned down black pair. A girls gotta have choices! With this deal from, I can get a new pair for FREE!

Do you wear glasses? 

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