I hate discontinued products!

I hate when I find a gloss, lipstick or shadow fall in love with it and then find out it's discontinued!

It's not fair! I wish all companies told us how long a product would be available. The only company I know who is good at this is MAC ..

Anyways a few MAC hauls ago I got this Estee Lauder lippy in the $3.00 sale section. I thought it would be a great lip highlighter...but I never got around to using it.

Now I'm in love... it's the perfect summer lippy! It's like a light golden bronze <3

Honestly it's a perfect color when I'm in a rush. Slap it on and go!

Gorgeous! Please don't mind the gray on the bottom of the picture..

So my question to you is how do you feel about discontinued products?


  1. I hate it too, I think they should do polls surveys before their discontinue products and not to certain individuals but to a range of people.

  2. I hate it as well! I do agree with Kimmy that polls and research would probably be the beneficial...but I guess it would also be costly. I just use discontinued products as a way to go shopping for more things, lol. I'm sure I can manage to find something else to love! :)

  3. I also hate when favourite brushes of mine get discontinued too! Drives me nuts!!!

  4. OMG that colour looks gorgeousss, any idea what it's called so I can try to find it online? xx


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