Flip-flop takeover!! (pic heavy)

Remember how old navy had tanks for $2.00 yesterday? I got to Old Navy 45 mins after it opened and everything was gone

NOT even one tank!! The shelves were empty and dusty!! LMAO

WDF?!?! Honestly If I were Old Navy... I would put out a certain amount an hour, so my customers would be happy. Soo I came home with zero tanks :(

But... Flip flops were on sale for $2.00! Which is an amazing price because I missed the dollar sale a few weeks ago..

I went a little crazy.. just abit..lol

They are all unique in their own way :)
Which one is your fave?


  1. I love summer flip flops!! the yello & purple ones are my fav, they will look good against your skin tone :)

  2. i`m in heaven. lol. i love the purple & the green peace sign ones!

  3. Haha, hey, for $2 that can't be beat! Glad you were able to walk away with something! :)

  4. Lovelies they are cute, i like the pink and purple ones!

  5. LOL... I guess you have to go to the beach more because you have so many flip flops! In fact, I don't think you need to buy flip flops for a long time... these will last you at least two summers!


  6. My Old Navy didn't have all those cute flip flops styles. :( But they did have loads of tanks and I stocked up on those. :)

  7. Totally forgot about this sale! D: Those are cute fli flops..love the ones with designs like the hearts, peace sign and stud like thongs. Cute!

  8. Those flip flops are beautiful. I didn't know those were the ones they had on sale. That's a great deal. I saw the commercial and didn't even budge because I knew it would be sold out when I got there, and low and behold my sis went and told me exactly what I knew.

  9. Cute!!! I'm ready for CA summer! haha. I wish I was more of a flip flop girl, but I'm not.. Maybe I'll change that this summer. Thanks, for sharing! I need some flip flops!

  10. They all are so cute... but I love the purple ones.They go perfect with a few bikinis I just ordered. What size do you wear girl?! lol ;)

  11. Old navy flip-flops are soooo comfortable! I love em! =)

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