Make-up rambles: Summer oily skin & new skirt!

Im not sure where you are but its really HOT here!
Geez! My skin care regime consists of sunscreen & sometimes blotting papers.

I don't wear tinted foundations because I cant quite find one that suits my skin tone which is not ORANGE..argh!

But anyways I usually find by the half of the day my skin is oily!  As you can see by the picture. Not disgusting oily but only enough to be conscious about.

My question for you is how to do combat your oil when its hot?

Plus I got a new colorful skirt from Winners for $12.00! It feels good to add an item into my closet which is not black...haha.

Cute!! Plus it has pockets : D I paired it with a metallic belt for a punch of color.


  1. Hmm i use a acne facial soap for my oily skin and my doctor also ordered me not to use moisturizer on my face at all which i don't so my oily skin (face) has reduced since. You can always wash your face each time you sweat...

    p.s i love that skirt and the belt!

  2. Ouchhhhhhhhh this is a hard question :/
    Love your skirt ;)

  3. i carry my little MUFE HD powder & brush it on my t-zon usually around mid day....Girrrrl it was like 90 something here today. Global warming needs to relax

  4. I have been using mattifying moisturiser and doing full coverage foundation... uugh I hope it cools down soon!!

  5. I don't think there is a one product out there that will do it, but for this summer I am pretty much gonna walk with my blotting powder to control the oily mess. Very cute skirt.

  6. I use a primer which sort of lessens the oiliness of my face. And for super hot sunny days I usually bring Etude House Dr. Oil - oil absorbing powder. It does what it claims and keeps my oiliness at bay. :)

  7. I've been sampling an oil-absorbing lotion from Arbonne's FC5 line and I am planning on purchasing it as it has been working wonders in this NYC heat. I also use blotting sheets. The latest one that I've been trying is the Palladio Rice Paper oil-absorbing blotting tissues with rice powder in transluscent. So far I love these!!! Will be doing a review soon. Hope this helps hon.


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