Are blogs dead?

Honest question? Are blogs dead? I know if you’re here reading this the answer is no BUT how often do you actually visit a blog? I won’t lie – I don’t visit them as much as I should be that will change this year! 

Let’s get back to blogging! 

 I miss getting alerts that my favourite bloggers have published something new. I’ve even discovered new bloggers in my country from simple keywords. Like “Canadian Beauty Blogger” or “Toronto Beauty Blogger back in 2010. Now my searches are more specific like “ Canadian Mom Blogger in Canada” or “Staring Kindergarten in Ontario”…crazy how life changes. Anyways I truly miss long form content. I’m also so happy to see so many people go back to blogging after leaving for so many years. Myself included kind of… in 2013 I put out 208 blog posts! In 2022, I put out a lousy 11. No I didn’t forget any zeros… ELEVEN. This year, I hope to put out at LEAST one a week- worst case scenario 2 a month. When my blog was popping. Boy was it ranking HIGH. That’s one thing NONE could take away from me. Here are my quick tips on how I did it. 

 1. Update it 
Sounds simple but consistency is KEY! Remember 2013 was 208 blog posts. Although it was a different time- Engaged, Lived at home and No real responsibilities. I have to try to do something close… shoot even HALF with my busy life. Back to consistency… Find a schedule and stick to it! Batch write your posts and pick dates for them to go out. Just do anything to keep you on the ball. 
2. Find your Niche 
What’s the audience that you’re trying to expose yourself to? My audience is all OVER the place. I love beauty- I love toddlerhood –I love weddings. I just love lifestyle as a whole. 
3. Get Social! 
A facebook (yeah… I know) twitter or Instagram stories. Post the link everywhere! You never know who will click it.

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