Hot Thermos Lunch ideas for Kids

Your kids should be excited about their lunch. I know it's hard because I forever feel like I'm running out of ideas. I wish I could drop a hot lunch everyday but it's just not possible; hence, you are packing it up in a thermos. 

Here are the food recipes you should try this school year!


1. Meatballs and Rice 
Meatballs and rice is perfect meal for filling those little bodies with energy. Whether homemade or frozen heat them right before school and add to the thermos

2. Spaghetti 
Every kid loves spaghetti. You can also spice up your recipe by adding different toppings to the noodles. It is a fairly easy recipe; you can add veggies, ground beef, chicken and turkey to make it extra delicious and enjoyable. 

3. Chilli 
A hearty bowl of chilli is the perfect leftover from dinner to bring to school. Veggie or meat are both great alternatives!

4. Layered Tacos 
To make a whole-serving lunch, you can must have soft or hard tortilla chips, cheese, and taco meat. You can also chop some lettuce and salsa in a tiny containers on the side. 

5. Pancakes
Breakfast as lunch! Such a fun concept. Don't forget to put some syrup and a small fruit container as an additive. 
Which one are you going to make first?

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