Do you want to be a Canadian Beauty Blogger?

I started Beauty Blogging in 2008/2009. And boy times were different back then. It was funner and more carefree. Also things were cheaper and the opportunities were in abundance. That doesn't mean that it should deter you from starting now BUT there are a few things to consider. Starting a channel or blog is expensive. It's easy to feel left out! Especially when you want to get noticed.

Here are some tips to get started from an OG.
Set A budget
Unfortunately, you can't buy everything. It's too much and it's NOT healthy. Take it from me... someone who is still purging makeup from 9 years ago. Set a monthly budget get what you need. DO NOT GO OVER lol.

High end is NOT everything
For example : A palette from the drugstore can be a makeup swap to a more expensive eyeshadow brand that Sephora sells. Perhaps you want to create a smokey eye look or a natural everyday makeup look- Let me tell you the drugstore WILL have what you need. That $78 palette can easily collect dust on your shelf.
Free Samples are EVERYWHERE
If you’re looking savings, you will definitely love this one! Instead of buying countless amounts of makeup products that you may not even use, collect free samples. The next time you're at Sephora. Don't forget to ask the beauty sales associate for samples. Save your points and redeem them for makeup. Ask friends/family for makeup for birthday/Christmas. Last one be apart of these sampling sites that ask for your opinions.  


Do you have any tips for Future Canadian Beauty Bloggers?

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