Work from Home in Canada

Every year the most searched post on my blog is “Work from home mom” or "Work from home in Canada". This wasn’t my path… I always thought I’d be 9-5 or on set girlie. But as soon as I got a taste of at home life- I literally fell in LOVE. Especially during pregnancy and after having Ava. Being able to pick her up and or/ drop her off at school or daycare is dream. Also being at home with her until she was 3.9 months. So unheard of. 

Now that she's older- possibly being able to volunteer at school...something I always wanted my mom to do but she wasn’t able to because of work. All pros. 

Biggest con for me is taxes. 
Legit gives me anxiety and a major stomach ache. Get a good accountant, if you can. Plus spending enough money to make sure you’re getting paid at the end of the year instead of shelling out money. This is a whole other conversation. But message me -if you want to know more.

 Three ways I’m going to switch up my at home experience this year. 

 Trying a co-working space 
I don’t really miss being in the office but I can’t lie. There are one or two times where I feel like I want to change up my location. I know a coffee shop is a great example but I thought maybe a co-working space might be cool too. If I’m in the mood… It gives me the opportunity to network with others. But if I don’t feel like going, I don’t have to go. 

 Send my invoices on time 
LOL I know. Not even going to go into detail about this. Just being more organized on my phone will definitely help me with this. 

Cute Stationary
 This one is a little tricky, but just getting more items that make my life easier. Maybe I should go to indigo and just get a whole new stationary set. Folders, pens ... ugh I just need a book store trip!

 Again, being a stay at home/work from home mom is not for everybody. The reality is sometimes it can get lonely but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t worry about that and loves the company of yourself. This might be perfect for you.

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