Kindergarten Checklist

I can’t Believe I’m writing this. Ava is in Kindergarten. Yeah. I know. Time FLIES! I can’t believe some of you have been around since 2009 when I was still in college. So much Life and time has passed. I’m so grateful for all of you. 

Let me stop being sentimental for a bit!

Every day in a mom groups somebody asks what should a child have ready for kindergarten. Such a good question... especially for me as a first time mom- I’m doing all of this from scratch. 

Here is a nice short list of items that you will need. Feel free to add more in the comments. 

I prefer the ones that are already pre-made with her name but you can totally buy blank ones would you personalize. 

Two pairs of velcro shoes for indoor. Velcro is the best for toddlers. 
Less work and no help.

 This one is a little bit controversial to me because I do think that a large bag is important but it shouldn’t be so large or over powers your child. 

Lunch box/ bag:
 I literally have been put onto the Bento box game and I will probably never go back. I love how easy it is for me as a mom to pack her lunch. It could be your choice to put it in the backpack without a lunchbox. 

2 NUT-FREE snacks:
A strong emphasis on the nut-free part. Think goldfish, fruit, veggies, crackers… I don’t know when I first heard nut-free I kind of started to freak out but there’s so many possibilities. 

 Reusable water bottle:
Preferably something that can’t be spilled and if you’re kindergarten or is like mine something where they can’t chew through the straw. Because my daughter loves to chew them… smh 

One LARGE ziploc baggie
With a set of spare clothing to keep in a cubby (socks, seasonal pants, shirt & underwear). The fact is that accidents happen. Always good to have a back up that you can change out. 

 Optional an umbrella. I know for myself during pick up sometimes I am in a rush. Having one in their cubby might be really beneficial because then it’s not on you to have to remember to bring one. 

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