Three Quick Ways To Make Mom Friends

Friendships can be tricky, especially when you are an introverted mom. Or just quiet in general. Though it's NOT that hard for everyone to new people... hello extroverts! Before becoming a mother- I kept my circle small, but after having Ava it got smaller. It's important that I make friends who have children that Ava can play with.  

Here Are Some Ways You Can TRY to Make New Mom Friends 

 1. Attend School Events
Your child's school is an ideal place to make mom friends. You can chat with the other moms at drop-offs and birthday parties and get to know them. NOTE** Sad fact that every mom at school doesn't want to be friends but please don't take it personally**. The cutest situation happened recently where a mom sent a handwritten note home with my daughter to plan a playdate. Love that confidence! We had it last week and it was a lot of fun. I think I'm going to do the same idea with another mom in her class. It's fun and get to know one another better- while hopefully gaining another friend.

2. Join Facebook Groups
When you are online next, look up the local mom groups on Facebook. Find which groups are relevant and join. Become an active member. Try NOT to lurk. Find people that resonate with your ideas and energy. I have connected with some cool moms on there. While we haven't spent time together- it's lovely to have a community of people around you.

3. Sign Your Child Up For Extracurricular Activities
So far I have signed Ava up for two dance classes. I'll be honest- I would love to spark a connection with a another mom and make friends. But I haven't done that yet. I'm 100% this time I will. Let me report back in a few weeks!

Having friends you can relate to and talk to for hours is always good.
I hope these tips help.

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