Staying positive during pregnancy

Baby #2 is on her way! Pregnancy can be an amazing but also a challenging time. No one reminded me that doing all this with a child is WORK!! Also with so many physical and emotional changes happening, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or negative at times. 

 Here are some tips to help you stay positive during your pregnancy. *I'm using them too: 

 1. Surround Yourself with Support:
Lean on your partner, friends, and family for encouragement and support. Connect with other moms-to-be, and seek out positive influences that lift your mood. 

2. Take Care of Yourself: 
Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and try to get around regularly. Taking care of your body can help improve your mental health. I hate saying it... but it's true. Also don't forget your water!!!

3. Focus on the Good: 
It's important to acknowledge and validate your emotions, but try to focus on the positive aspects of your pregnancy. Write down and reflect on what you're excited about and grateful for.

4. Practice Mindfulness: 
Being present in the moment can help reduce stress and anxiety. Girl so many random situations happen daily. Or tests that don't go as planned- or negative thoughts creep in! Try you're best not to freak out. Just because something happened to a friend DOESN'T mean it will happen to you.

5. Treat Yourself: 
Take some time to pamper yourself every now and then. This can be as simple as taking a relaxing bath, getting a prenatal massage, or a cute salon trip! Something i did this week. 

Please enjoy the beautiful journey of bringing new life into the world.

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