What To Ask on Your Daycare Tour?

Ava started daycare when she was 17 months. And I was very reluctant on sending her. Why? I worked from home and felt like I had to keep her home. BUT the truth was she needed little friends. Something that I couldn't give her (being an only child). So we started daycare part-time so she could have the best of both worlds. A bit of time with friends her age and home with mommy.

When it comes to picking a daycare every family has different needs, so you should know what is important to you way before you step foot into a facility. These might be small BUT very important questions to ask your daycare provider. 

 What Is Their Policy On Pacifiers? 
 Some daycares let kids use pacifiers until 20 months. Ava's allowed them at nap-time but EVENTUALLY we had to stop. Which went way better than I thought. 

 How Long Do The Children Play Outside? 
 You have to ask them about the timings and how long they let the kids play outside. Ours did around 2-3 times outside for an hour. Depending on the weather conditions (of course). 

 Sample Food Menu 
 Also, check the food menu and what they give to the babies and children in their daycare centre. Mine asked for allergies from the beginning interview. They provided me with a month worth of meals that they were feeding her which made me feel at ease. 

 Your child's teacher is the person your kid will spend most of the time with. We went with our facility because we had the warmest teacher take Ava and she didn't cry at all. it was like she knew her. That's when we knew we made the right choice. It was a positive and loving environment that I could see her thrive in.

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