Hard Candy Spring 2013

I recently I had the opportunity to attend the Hard Candy Spring 2013 Launch party in Toronto.
I love Hard Candy! I've reviewed them on the blog before. They have great products which can be found at your local walmart. I took a fellow beauty blogger Rasilla with me to get the scoop on what's new for 2013.

This February you will see Hard Candy apparel in-stores($12 to $18 US). The apparel was fun. Sequins, hearts & stars. Typically the type of items that every girl has in her closet. It's more weekend wear for me because I work in an office. But If you are your a tween/teen it's very cute for school.

Check out some of the new items:

Eyeshadow Collection Mirrored Compact $5.98 US
  • Neutrals
  • Smokey
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Pinks

They now have bath products in two flavours:
Poison apple berry & Black orchid &vanilla
There was balms, dry oils, body scrub, balt salts & bubble bath.
Shown here:
So Foam So Good
Foaming Body Wash $ 7.68 US

Under So Foam So Good you can see "Shadowholic".
Waterproof eye shadow crayons $ 4.98 US

9 different shades.

Nail Lacquer $3.98 US
Five Concepts:
  • Crushed Chromes
  • Itsy Glitzy
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Glitteratzi
  • Candy Sprinkles

 Various Mascara ranging from $5.98-$6.98 US

All Glossed Up $4.98 US
Glossy lip stains in 8 different colours.

Lip Def $5.98 US
Super shiny lip colour 10 different shades.

Poppin Pigments $5.98 US
Loose shadows sets available in 8 shades.

*Under popping pigments you can see "All Lid Up".
Long wearing creme eye shadow $5.98 US
10 different shades.

I was pleasantly surprised with the products I tested. Let me start off by saying the pigmentation on the products I swatched was amazing! If you're like me and gravitate towards products that are long lasting you will be in for a huge treat this Spring.

Is there a product that you have your eye on?

Photo credit:  Becca Lemire


  1. Hard Candy's products can be such hit or miss. But I love their packaging, how fun that you got to attend!


  2. I've seen their products before at Walmart but never tried them! I'll check it out next time! x

  3. Apparel and bath products sound fun!

  4. these looks so nice, very cute packaging expecially!

  5. Hard Candy has nice products from what I have seen. I have tried 2 products before but I don't go to Wal-Mart often and when I do its always so packed but I do want to try more Hard Candy :)

  6. Ohh now I am intrigued, will have to wait until they hit stores!

  7. Would love to try the Glossy lip stains !!

  8. Wow great event. Looks like there are some new and fab things coming our way from HC.Cant wait.
    Great post.

  9. I havent tried much from Hard Candy aside from blushes, but there are definitely some new products I want to try out. Im looking forward to checking out the nail polishes, lip stains and new polishes

  10. I just bought a Glossaholic gloss and I really like it! Super cute packaging and the color I bought (confection) is such a beautiful creme pink. I will be picking up more when I get the chance. :) I really like Hard Candy packaging. Those pigments look irresistible. Did you test them? Like em?


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