Must Have: Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish System

Ladies, if you're looking for a affordable gel system check out the Kiss Everlasting Gel!
  • High-gloss shine, chip-free colour in 3 simple steps: protect, colour, seal & shine
  • Dries instantly, no nicks, dents or scratches
  • Lasts up to 14 days
  • Won't damage, natural nails, soaks off in minutes 

This is the perfect alternative for ladies who are trying to save money this year. Think about it getting gel nails at the salon costs $40+ and that's not including tax & tip.  For the cost of one trip you can get the Kiss® Everlasting Gel Polish Colour Gel Starter System ($29.97) + LED Gel Lamp ($34.47)!

If that doesn't sway you.. did you know that you can layer the gels to make simple nail art!!
Don't quote me on it but look at the cute "design" I did below.

I got several compliments on it and I really surprised people when I said it I did it on my own with a gel polish. I can't wait to try out more designs!  For reference I used the gels Lush & Ballet. Perfect combo!

Are you a fan of gel polishes?


  1. Too cute I really need to get my own gel polish system

  2. I bought just the kiss gel polish and it wont dry for some reason unsure if its the lamp I use which isn't the kiss brand or the nail polish I use which isn't kiss brand either. Sometimes if I paint a clear polish overtop the gel coat itll dry

  3. Gorgeous mani hun :) i havent actually tried gel polishes.. Xx

  4. Nice! I always just use a gel top coat, I have several that I use regularly, I prefer not to use the gel underlay because of the scraping the remove it.

  5. I saw these in the drugstore and glad to see they work. Cute nails!

  6. Pretty, are gel nail polishes easy to remove?

  7. Cute nails. I haven't tried gel polishes yet, but they look great! I heard it takes forever for it to come off, but lasts a while. I should try it, I know. HAHA.

  8. Gorgeous! Love ur ring as well hun I have never tried gel nails I think its high time I did


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