Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths Review

One of the goodies I got from the TBB event was the Biore Daily Cleansing cloths. I have a lot of cleansing products but a good package of wipes can make anyone's life easier.

These pre-moistened portable cloths provide gentle exfoliating action that cleans deep down to the pores to give you an essential daily dose of exfoliation and recharge skin anytime, anywhere leaving it feeling vibrant and glowing. Clinically proven to remove dirt, oil and make-up – even waterproof mascara – with no greasy residue. 

When I come home from a night out, I need a quick alternative to cut down steps to get to bed. The first I do is rip the cloths in half. Since I use them on my eyes there is no need to waste a whole cloth. Then I gently press the cloth on my lid to "breakdown" the makeup. Then I wipe it off.
Not messy
Thick cloth
Nice scent

Doesn't take off all my waterproof makeup

It gets most of the makeup off but will never replace my daily routine. Since there is more pros then cons I would recommend this product. 

Ladies have you tried these cloths before?



  1. i actually quite liked these. totally agree with the waterproof make up part. but it took off my foundation quite well :) no alcohol part was the best!

  2. Does it get mascara off? I find that's the only problem I have with cloths, it takes ages to rub off the mascara.

  3. havent tried these but seen them around,great review I woulda loved it if it removed everythn

  4. Great review! :)

  5. I use the Neutrogena wipes, & they work well

  6. I love Biore wipes bc they smell awesome. I use the makeup remover wipes from them on shoots


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