My Nail Polish Story- What's yours?

Let me explain to you all how my nail polish addiction started. I think it's playback for having naked nails for years! I remember my friends telling me "JENN!!! You should wear nail polish" or  "OMG! You're nails are so nice but you NEED to do something with them". I had the time but it just wasn't my thing. I know there is someone out there who feels my pain.

A couple months ago my bf took me to an amazing mani/pedi place and everything changed from then. After getting compliments on my nails, I started to do them on a regular. I also started to follow more nail blogs for color inspiration.

Here are a few of my favs:
BarryM Grey + E.L.F Black
E.L.F Black + Sally Hansen Strobe Light
BarryM Instant Nail Effects + Fuchsia is Funky Nails in Miss.Robinson+ The blue is  LA Color matte polish in  turquoise

I think I will start to share my nail hauls & favorite designs on my blog from now!

What's your nail story? Do you wear polish everyday?


  1. I've always loved painting my nails but I never really got into nail art until 2 years ago when I saw lots of tutorials on youtube that weren't too difficult and i definitely have bulked up my nail polish collection as a result. i love doing fun designs on my nails. i don't even bother going to a nail salon anymore.

  2. I love the way you did that shattered nail polish in the last picture!! I really want to experiment with different nail techniques this summer! I just don't know where to buy that shattered nail polish!!!! Great post!

    Diary of a Short Girl

  3. My mother was always obsessed with nail care and nail polish, so I definitely picked it up from her. I used to have a terrible nail biting habit, though, so for years I didn't wear it. I also do so much with my hands, it doesn't last very long, so I would go through stages of wearing it regularly and then months without. Ever since late last year, though, my nails have hardly been naked :).

  4. yaaay welcome to the land of nail polish, ill let you know from now,when you follow these nail polish blogs you will have the urge to buy polishes esp because alot of polishes are drugstore brands at a great price and alot of bloggers have blog sales!

  5. Love that second combo- lovely!

  6. love ur story,dont have much of a story 2bh I have always loved nail polish since I was a little girl,i applied me mum's ones!!

    love al ur faves!!!


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