My Favorite Pinky Nude Lipstick (WOC Friendly) + Lip Swatches- Clinque/Joe Fresh/ Revlon

I often get asked what colors are complementary for WOC. My answer is always "You need to try out brands to get the right fit for you". 

I know that trying out brands are costly but in this post I gave Low-Medium-High options for the perfect Picky Nude Lip.

L to R- Clinque Nude Blush, Joe Fresh Brick & Revlon Mink.

Clinque Butter Shine Lipstick in Nude Blush would be high-end costing around $16.50 CDN/ $14.50 USA.

Color: Soft Beige-y pearlized nude

Finish: Creamy and moisturizing

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Brick would be Low/Medium-end costing around $6.00 CDN.

Color:  Soft reddish brown nude

Finish: Matte but moisturizing

Revlon Lipstick would be would be Low/Medium-end costing around $2.00 to $8.00 CDN.

Color: Pinky taupe nude

Finish: Sheer to moderate and moisturizing

If you want to see comparisons of the lipsticks side by side check out my youtube video below!

Which one is your favorite?


  1. They all look gorgeous on you! I love such neutral shades.


  2. Those look great, I am going to look for the Revlon one next time I go to CVS!

  3. they look amazing on you Jenn! i want the Clinique one!

  4. They all look lovely on you!

  5. lovely swatch, the color looks nice on your lips!

  6. they all look gorgeous on u,I want the Revlon one!

  7. I loveeeeee da first one ugh of course I would loev the more expensive one smh

  8. I like the mink by Revlon. Love the price too by the way!

  9. When buying a nude lipstick it has to be matched to the skin tone.It should be definitely tries with a tester to make sure of the color choice.mineral lipstick


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