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Vegan Finds: Soulstice Spa nail polish review + Swatches

For the past few weeks I've been testing polishes from a vegan & cruelty-free brand called Soulstice Spa.

They are USA based and "non-toxic, 3FREE color + shine ---- free of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate".

The three colors shown are from the Fall 2011 collection!
Left to Right: LA, South Beach & Telluride
LA: Stars & sparkle; glitter dust.
South Beach: Sheer white, sleek and modern.
Telluride: Ethereal, crisp light green shine.

  • Great consistency- Not runny or too thick.
  • Two coats to get good coverage.
  • High shine (similar to a gel treatment)
I loved the mix of Glitter sizes in LA.
I found that they were easier to remove with a base underneath.
 COMBO: LA & Telluride

I think that South Beach applied like a dream: Smoothly!
This is a color that I would not usually rock but it I'm starting to like it on my skin tone.
Two Coats of South Beach.
Overall I would give these polishes great high marks. They could definitely rival the non-vegan polishes on the market. As for the price, $8.00/ $8.50 is very reasonable for a cruelty-free polish.

Nail of the Day: OPI Extravaganza

Isn't this glitter fab!! 
OPI Extravaganza is a bold, orange glitter polish with added silver sparkle which was a part of the OPI Burlesque collection back in Winter 2010.

Here is a different pic with flash:

What do you think? sells Butter London nail polishes!!

For the past few years, I've seen swatches of Butter London nail polishes on UK blogs. Not only do they have an amazing color range but their natural nail care philosophy is truly amazing. They promise that their polishes are 3 Free:
No Formaldehyde
No toluene
No DBP (Phthales)

 Guess what!
Now Canadian Girls like myself have access to Butter London through
I'm wearing JAFFA which is inspired by Jaffa Oranges.
This is definitely the it color for this summer!

Do you need some more convincing?
Check out these pictures!

Remember has FREE shipping on orders over $25.00.

So ladies would you wear this color?

How often do you get your nails done at a salon?

This year I have gone around six times. To me that's a lot. 
In previous years if I went once that would be amazing.

With new colors, designs and fun alternatives like Shellac around, how can I stay away!
My question for you is ..
How often do you get your nails done at a salon?

Nail of the Day: Fire Burning Nails CRAKLE edition

I know..
EVERYONE and their mom is wearing crackle nails right now.
Instead of doing the basic manicure, I find ways to spice it up!

TRI-color mani!
I started off with the yellow then added the pink to the top and the bottom
with enough space for the yellow to shine through.
Colors for reference- Sally Hansen & Sephora by OPI
I always use BARRYM nail effects for my crackle look.

What do you think?
Would you try this mani out?

Nail of the Day: Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Colour

This is the color which will get you in trouble! I'm serious.
I spent half the day just staring at my nails. Just absolutely gorgeous!

The brand is Nail Tek:
Nail Tek, the Natural Nail Experts, is a leader in the beauty industry specializing in natural nail care products used by women all over the world.Developed through scientific research, Nail Tek products effectively grow and repair nails for all different types of nails.
In case you were wondering the color is called MAROONED:

This brand can be purchased at The Shopping Channel.

What do you think ladies?
Isn't this color fab?