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My Essie Good as Gold manicure

Have you had the time to check out Essie's mirror metallic collection?
Good as Gold

I have! 
I took a break from the neons and went right to the metallics. 

I love the way Good as Gold refreshed my old gel manicure. 
I got this professional done.... I'm not that
I went for the half moon/accent nail combo!

Are you feeling my Metallic nails?

Nail of the Day: Fire Burning Nails CRAKLE edition

I know..
EVERYONE and their mom is wearing crackle nails right now.
Instead of doing the basic manicure, I find ways to spice it up!

TRI-color mani!
I started off with the yellow then added the pink to the top and the bottom
with enough space for the yellow to shine through.
Colors for reference- Sally Hansen & Sephora by OPI
I always use BARRYM nail effects for my crackle look.

What do you think?
Would you try this mani out?