Elegant Touch - Envy Wraps & Bling Review

I am not a stranger to nail wraps. 
It's the quickest and easiest way to do your nails without any hassle.

I recently got my hands on some products from the Elegant Touch nail line that sells at Ulta in USA. 
I loved the designs and decided to try them out on my mom.
These wraps are shiny and totally fashionable. 

I loved the effect but I'm on the fence about the product.
Here are my pros & cons:

  • Fashionable prints
  • No drying/smudging time
  • Straight forward directions on application.
  • Not individually packaged.
    The wraps are all on one sheet. If you have a curvy nail bed, its hard to measure which wrap is for you. I kept on applying a bigger or smaller wrap which didn't fit her nail. Smaller sizes left a gap and the bigger ones bunched at the sides.

  • Both sides of the Nail file are rough.

  • Not suitable for Really long nails.
    I'd recommend these for short to short/medium lengths.

Overall, I think I will try them again with a few modifications. I'm going to cut the wraps off the sheet, get a milder nail file and use them on myself when I have short nails. I also have another idea of cutting themup  and making them super funky nail art. I know its extra work but I love the prints and I want to try them again.

Am I crazy for trying a product again that I'm on the fence about?
Let me know your thoughts below.


  1. These look cool. I almost picked up some Sally Hanson ones from the clearance bucket. I love the shape of your nails!

  2. I have the Sally Hansen ones I bought cause they were on clearance...and still haven't tried them out! I don't know if I could keep them on for the length that they say they should last. I like switching it up every few days, but this design looks great~ I need to remember this for the next trip over the border :)


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