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Getting Rid of Eye Bags at 25, 35, or 45

Bags under the eyes. Ugh. Even someone who carefully follows a daily skin care regimen to stave off the early signs of aging may wake up one day in their 20s and find the tell-tale puffiness under the eyes that can add years to a face.

Eye bags may be caused by a genetic curse, an active nightlife, or aging. Whatever the source, they prompt both women and men to spend quite a bit of cash seeking remedies. Depending on your age and the reason for the bags under your eyes, solutions do exist out there.

It's best to start by understanding specifically what causes eye bags. We all have fat under the eye socket. A thick membrane supports that fat, keeping it in place. But when that membrane begins weakening, the fat starts to slip down and bulge forward. As we age and lose volume in the cheeks, the bags become even more pronounced.

That's under the best of circumstances, for people who regularly apply sunscreen, don't smoke, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. Healthy skin retains its elasticity and helps prevent bags under the eyes from developing in most people.

So what's the best plan if you've already noticed the dreaded eye bags?

In Your 20s
This is when lifestyle choices tend to make more of a difference. Think late nights out drinking and a less-than-perfect skin care routine. Yes, getting a good night's sleep and avoiding too much alcohol helps prevent eye bags. It's also a good idea to use moisturizing eye creams with antioxidants that can help keep the sensitive skin around the eyes hydrated and prevent collagen damage.

If you notice that you have bags under your eyes early in the morning but they're generally gone by noon, it probably means they're being caused by fluid retention. The Mayo Clinic suggests that simply sleeping with your head elevated a bit more could remedy the condition.

In Your 30s
It's time to increase the firepower in your skin care arsenal for use around the eyes. Prescription Retin-A used under the eyes is fine, but it should be used sparingly because the skin there is very thin and sensitive. Start slow to avoid drying out the area and invest in good moisturizing eye creams and serums that contain peptides and antioxidants.

This is also a good time to check in with a medical spa run by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They can give you product recommendations and also suggest any in-office treatments that might benefit you. Many people begin getting regular facials at this point in their lives, as well as chemical peels and laser treatments, all of which help strengthen and rejuvenate facial skin. Some treatments are even tailored just for the delicate eye area.

In Your 40s (and Beyond)
At this point in your life, it may be time to invest in slightly stronger treatments to target your under-eye bags. Dermal fillers and eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty) are great solutions, according to Dr. Derek T. Ford in the Toronto and Oshawa area. His website says he often recommends a treatment with an injectable hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane®:
"This product can fill in the tear trough, which is the depressed groove between the puffy lower eyelid and cheek. Although this option doesn't replace the results that can be achieved with formal blepharoplasty surgery, it does offer an in-office, non-surgical alternative that reduces the appearance of lower eyelid aging."

Of course, eyelid surgery is the most effective option if you're willing to make the investment. During surgery, a plastic surgeon physically adjusts or removes part of the bulging fat for lasting results. Most people are surprised how simple the recovery process is — typically about a week of downtime and only mild discomfort — but it is the most invasive route and so it's not for everyone.

Remember that fillers, creams, serums, even eyelid surgery ultimately are temporary fixes. Aging is an inevitable process that changes our appearances. But taking care of your skin, using professional-grade products, and checking in with cosmetic medical providers regularly can help turn back the clock.

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Short Hair Envy

Back in 2009, I sat down in the hair dressers chair and did the most drastic thing ever. I told her to cut it all off. If anyone knows me they will know that I plan EVERYTHING I do. I remember getting the cut and thinking what in the world would I do with short hair. So many questions came to mind. Would my boyfriend like it, is it cut the way I want it and most importantly, how will I maintain it on my own!

My decision came after seeing ladies like Rihanna & Estelle rock short styles with confidence.When you have short hair everything matters. I always wondered if had the right earrings or the right hair accessories?
I know that several North America ladies went insane and cut it all off after Rihanna came out with the cropped do in “take a bow”. I will never forget how her deep black hair looked with that sexy red lip! I knew I had to have it.

I can only imagine the amount of ladies who searched for Hairdressers in London who can do this exact hairdo from Estelle. She was rocking it way before Rihanna did. She also has the perfect face structure to carry this short style.

My experience with short hair was really difficult at first. My hair grows extremely fast and it was hard to maintain the back. I remember gelling down the back of my hair and hoping that it would last all day!

My top three short hair accessories:

1. Hats
At that time I had those loose beenie hat in every color. I always made sure that I had an extra black one. I was also able to wear them in the office!

2. Bobby Clips
If your hair is not laying right, these are a God sent. I always kept a few in my car, desk and purse. The best part about bobby pins is that you can get them at the dollar store! Remember to stock up.

3. Silk scarf
Every girl needs a silk scarf! I won’t get into the details, I’ll save that for another post but they help your hair from breaking. Especially at night when you move around a lot in bed.

I hope these tips helped. Also my UK ladies who took the plunge remember that you can always find Hair extensions in London to change up your look!

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