MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Powder + Swatches

Do you remember in 2009 when pigments were the biggest thing? I remember getting those large containers and hardly making a dent in the jar. Then people started to press them and the hype of pigments kinda died down...

Fast forward to 2017 and I have seen the use of pigments/powders starting to get popular again. My favourite look is a smokey eye with some gold pigment patted on top. Or maybe even a metallic green. So many options!!!

Last month, when I went to a MUFE master class and these MAKE UP FOR EVER star lit powders ( $25.00 CAN) popped up in front of me. I fell in love!!

An ultra-fine shimmering powder that catches light to highlight eyes, lips and cheeks.

These things popped into my head......
  • Hygienic 
  • Manageable
  • Multipurpose

As an MUA, I've seen some random things.
I remember when someone stuck their finger into one of my mini pot lip colours... EWWW!
It reminded me of high school when one person use to have a vaseline jar and I'd see several people sticking their fingers in it.. Products like this eliminate situations like that.
The hole in the middle is pretty small. I just tap a little on my metal palette and thats all I need.

Back to my conversation about those big jars of pigment that were overwhelming and never were finished. These smaller jars are much more manageable. Plus they take up less space. Eight shades to chose from.

It can be used anywhere- eyes, lips and face.
These powders are extremely finely milled and can be applies wet/dry.
Mix some clear gloss with it to amplify your look!

From left to right:
02,12,13,15, 28


Which is your favourite?

My love/hate relationship with Makeup Sponges

I'm going to admit something....All of my brushes are collecting dust right now. My obsession with makeup sponges are not dying anytime soon. The typical slope shape is not the norm anymore. You remember those $1.00 for a bag? I still see them at dollarama!
Now i've seen every shape- eggs, spheres and diamonds...

Let me tell you all why I have the perfect love/hate relationship with makeup sponges:
Love because...
Quick Clean
I use my sponges moist. So it doesn't matter if it's dry when I apply my makeup.
I actually use Philosophy 'Purity Made Simple' One-Step Facial Cleanser to clean it when i'm in a rush.

Latex free
Girls with allergies to certain natural bristles (a.k.a animal hair)- yes it's possible....
Here is a latex-free option.

Unique shapes
You need something to get between the side of your nose??
I know a sponge.

Dewy application
A damp sponge application can give u that summer dew glow in the driest of times.

I seen people do a whole face using the curves and angle of a sponge. This is totally different than anyone who uses 6-10 brushes to complete a look.


Now the "hate"...
Can rip
I murdered my Beauty Blender within the second week of owning it.
I didn't understand the be gentle which washing thing.... yikes.

Absorbs foundation
This sucks but it's a sponge...of course some foundation gets wasted.

It doesn't dry quickly (not a problem for me though) because I have so many sponges.

What about you?
Do you have a love/hate relationship with Makeup Sponges?