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I'm loving: Batiste Dry shampoo Dark and Deep Brown

I have a love/hate relationship with washing my hair. I love the feeling of clean hair but hate the amount of work that goes into washing it. I know that a lot of people out there can sympathize with me on that.

I gave up going to the salon in January. I love my hairdresser but I think that I want to nurse my hair back to being healthy on my own. Maybe when I get to where I want... hair wise, I will go back.

With that being said, I need to look into alternate ways of making it look its best.

Currently, I am dabbing in dry shampoos. Batiste is one of the most recognized brands:

  • Quick & convenient way to get soft, clean and fresh smelling hair
  • Adds texture & body for that easy style solution, without water
  • Spray directly into dry hair, leave for a few minutes & brush out
I've tried original and it left a slight matte look that I personally wasn't going for. I would recommend it for someone who is blonde or has lighter hair.

Thankfully I did not give up on the brand because they have a dark & deep brown option!

It does everything I want without leaving that matte "cast". I love the fact that it smells great and it's lightweight on my hair.

Lastly, it leaves no residue on dark hair!

I know that this is not an alternative to washing your hair! Don't worry, I'll always go back to good shampoo and water but it's good to know that we have options!