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The Stayfree Challenge

 I was asked to take the Stayfree challenge a few months ago but passed on the opportunity. I'm not sure what happened after but I started to see a barrage of pad commercials on TV. 
It was crazy! 

With sooo many claims out there, I became curious if my brand was even doing the job. 
When the opportunity came around the second time ,I knew that I had to participate.

What do you look for in a pad?
I look for a product that is going to do it's job and keep me comfortable during my time of the month!

Well Stayfree has declared it's self to be the one of the best brands out there.
 Let's see how they measure up compared to the top ultra thin pads out there.

In the kit:

  • Three bottles of 5 mL a blue saline liquid in each
  • Three 5 pound weights
  • Three blotting sheets
  • Package of Stayfree Ultra thin pads
  • Two competitive Ultra thin pad brands
  • Placement sheet 
Let's start the challenge:

The first thing I did was take out the placement sheet and place each pad where they were supposed to go based on the diagram.

Then I poured the liquid at the center of the pad and waited 30 seconds for it to absorb. Then I placed a blotting sheets on the center of the pad and added the weight on top.
I waited five seconds and then removed them to reveal the results.

Stayfree is a brand that I have never used in my life but wow!
I'm generally surprised with by the outcome. 
Especially since I know that the brand that I'm using right now is a thumbs down.

Are you a Stayfree user?