Fenty Beauty Advice from Sephora Beauty Advisors

On Friday, my day started out by going to a fully stocked Sephora at 10AM to swatch foundations and highlighters. The best part is EVERYTHING I wanted was in stock! **Pats myself on the back** Man I was overwhelmed but not. I’m my opinion the line is VERY simple at the moment. No red/fuchsia lips, mascara or eyeliners. I wanted to buy something that I didn’t have… don’t laugh.

Products I got: Blotting powder & Moscow Mule.
**In the mail I currently have the highlighting sticks.**
I got a sample the foundation and 440 which I'm probably going to go back for later in the month.

Four tips that I got from the advisors when looking at the line was:

The foundation does oxidize/dry quickly. For me that's a pro because I rather my foundation oxidize earlier on than later in the day. Their tip was to try on three different colours swiped on your jaw. Then walk around the store for five minutes and see which one looks best. This is not a blend and go thing.
Brushes work best. It’s better to blend the skinsticks with a brush then with your fingers. Due to the consistency of the oil on your fingers- it might not be the best option to get the finish that you want.
That highlight is blinding! Trophy wife isn’t a everyday highlighter in MOST situations. For me, it's probably not the highlight that I'd wear everyday because it is bright. But if that's your thing thennnnn I would totally recommend it. There are bits of glitter in there-(mixed in with the shimmer) so in flash photography it's pretty.
Want long wear foundation? Her foundation would best with her primer. Something that is more "milky". I know that this will upset a few people but it’s the truth. Since it’s a matte foundation, if you use a matte primer it looks horrible. You need a primer that will give you hydration.



I know Fall is coming.... and frankly I don't want to speak about it. Let me stay in "Summer".
For the first time in a while, I got my hands on some Hard Candy products. Some are hits and some are misses. I picked the four that would catch your eye if you were in-store.

Wet Ever lip lacquer $6 USD

I've heard really good things about this product from other bloggers. 
So far I'm extremely impressed with the Wet ever lip lacquer. 

It's easy to apply (doe foot application). 

Plus it's really long lasting product! Also I love the fact that it leaves a stain on my lips. A mix of a liquid lipstick and a gloss. This would be great to wear to something like a wedding or a night out when you don't have a lot of time for touch ups. 

The colour Entitled is a burgundy that is perfect for the upcoming season.

Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter $6 USD

I feel like I'm one of the only ones who hasn't gotten into that whole holographic trend...but it's always cool to try something new. This highlighter appears white in the "container". 

On dark skin, it wasn't overwhelming unfortunately.

Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme Eyeliner Duo $6 USD

Duo products not only save space in your makeup bag but make life much easier. Bless whoever came up with that inventions. The Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme Eyeliner Duo is super easy to use. If you're trying to get into liquid liner- I'd recommend it. 

On one side it reminds me like the markers we used in school- Easy. One thing to note: It's not "extremely" long lasting. Which could be a positive like if you make a mistake.. its an easy clean up.  On the other side we have a soft kajal eyeliner. 

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Chrome Eyeshadow Kit $10 USD

"Foiling" your shadows is the best way to get the best colour pay off. I still remember using visine and mixing my pigments a while back. Now we have awesome kits like this where everything is laid out for you. 

The Hard Candy Metal Eyes Chrome Eyeshadow Kit allows you to be in the trend with metallic eyes. 

  • 4 highly pigmented metallic pearl eyeshadows
  • mixing liquid
  • a mixing well
  • a professional dual-ended eyeshadow brush
  • mini black pencil eyeliner

Long Weekend Vacation Prep - Body Edition

Where do I start! Preparing yourself for a vacation is truly a serious task. Like within 48 hours before I left for Jamaica: I got lash extensions, brow treading, a Brazilian (insert the tear emoji) plus a manicure and pedicure. But although a lot of this stuff required a salon. That includes wait times. For ladies who have NO time for that- A lot of things can be done at home to save money/time!

Especially if your just doing a long weekend getaway!

Wax it off!
Let's face it. Waxing isn't cheap and some things you can done on your own.
Have you tried the Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips for Legs and Body($14.99 CAN)?

  These strips come in handy. You don't have to rub or warm them up with your hands.
Just peel and go!

They're ready to go. My tip is cut them!
 I use them on my knuckles and toes with ease!
Low pain with half the time.

Get a Scrub!
Getting rid of dead skin cells is key right now. Going to the cottage this weekend? Right now, the Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox Scrub ($50.00 CDN) is everything. 

It has these crystallized pieces for exfoliating.  

Notable ingredients coriander seed oil and avocado oil.

Hydration is key!
You need to seal in that hydration from the oil. I have the perfect product! 
Canadian made Reversa Skin Smoothing Body Lotion ($36.00 CAN). 

This product might not be for everyone because it contains 10% glycolic acid. This is the highest concentration allowed without a prescription from a dermatologist.

Key factors:
- Hypoallergenic
- Non-comedogenic
- Perfume-free
- Oil-free

Is there anything here that you would like to try?