Sooo what's going on with Spiced Beauty?

I know that I haven't really and publicly put this out there but I changed my blog name. 
My blog is now called MY SPICED LIFE.

The first question, I got was why....
I started this blog at 23 years old, living with my family having a boyfriend and just finishing college. I was BORED.  Now i'm in my early 30's, living with my husband(same guy I dated for 10+ years) and owning my OWN business. 

My views and likes/dislike have changed drastically. 

I know that some people are asking "Will this still be beauty blog?" 
Beauty is still one of my first loves. It will NEVER go away. I still have had numerous people.. not just WOC come up to me and tell me that I was one of the first Beauty Blogs that they found in Canada. But I want to share other stuff of my life without being confined to just beauty. Like my love of travel, electronics, food, random events.... I could go on and on. 

Also Wedding things. 
I didn't really get to divulge during the time because I took more of a hiatus to plan but there still a lot of things I want to share with you guys! 

Please let me know your thoughts! So being that a lot of blog related info and I don't think I have done a tag in a while! I want to share some info about my life and maybe share some little titbit that you don't know about me.

Is this your only blog?
Yes, this is my baby that I created in 2008 and it is still up and running.

What is your blog about?
I started out as a beauty blog now I've decided to officially a branch out and tackle more things that I like. I've been told for years, that I need to do more than beauty.  Now that I'm getting older and married, my priorities have changed and there are several things that I'm interested in which I feel like my "audience" would be interested in as well.

Why are you still doing this?
I won't lie.. I debate this all the time. I've put A LOT of work into her but I do sometimes feel like it goes nowhere.. I know why but I won't get into the politics of life.
Let me put it this way- As I said before- every time I want to quit I met someone who tells me not to.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
If you told me in 2009 that my blog would be still is around, I don't know if I would've believed you. I have no idea at all. In 5 years...maybe not here. Things change so easily.

What does your blog name mean?
I really wanted something that reflected my skin tone/culture. I told myself that I wanted to be a Toronto Beauty Blogger. So then Spiced Beauty was born. Now I think it's more of a life movement so that's why I changed it to My Spiced Life.

What are your goals when it comes to this Canadian Blog?
I think my main goal is to get somebody to try something new! Sometimes you need somebody to be the guinea pig. Sooooo that's me!

Secondly, to show other darker WOC that there are products for our skin tone. I hate meeting people who tell me that they cant find a red for their skin tone or that they can't find a good eyeliner. My answer: It's out there! If you can't find it. I'll find it for you.

If you have any questions: Leave them below and I'll answer then in another post.

Why you Should Wash your Brushes + Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Palette & Gel

I once had a friend who told me that she didn't know that you were supposed to clean your make up brushes. Guys.. for three years! She had the same brushes...Mind you she was using those cheap synthetic two dollar packs.... But still! The whole concept took me out. I nicely told her to throw out what she has and start fresh.

For some of you guys who don't see a problem.
Here are three issues that you can get with dirty brushes:
-Staph infections(Yes.. google it)
-Clogged pores (Pimples all over)
-Pink eye (You get the idea...)

Every time you hop on Instagram or Twitter you always see somebody complaining about how much they hate washing their brushes. I'm in the same boat... I hate washing my brushes! And I'm going to tell you the truth I have enough brushes that I can go without washing brushes for a while. I know that's not the reality for everyone... so I'm gonna show you the easiest way to clean your brushes right now.

Yes there are DIY methods. But if you're lazy and on the go like me :) Here is the quickest and easiest way to clean your brushes and make sure that you're free of infection and bacteria.

Get the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette ($19.99 CAN) 

What is it made of?
Lightweight silicone

How does it work?
It deep cleans: It fit comfortably over the palm of your hand and multi-textured surfaces help gets your brushes clean. Super easy and quick!

A clean brush is EVERYTHING. And if you have a little bit more money, I'd suggest that you get the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel for Brushes ($13.49 CAN). It's also good to note that this gel is dermatologist tested. Plus has no alcohol or phthalates.

How to use:

Slip the palette over your palm. Put a drop of the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel for Brushes on the cleansing palette. Add warm water to the palette.

Swirl brush on the multi-textured surfaces until clean.
Then rinse.


For drying, rest your brushes across the tool or using your favourite drying method.

This is after ONE wash!

If you have the time and patience your brushes will be good as new in no time!

Where can you find these products in Canada?
- Select Pharma Plus
- Select Rexall
- Select Walmart

In America:

Make Up For Ever: Artist Acrylip + Swatch

One of the first lip products my list to share for the Summer is the Artist Acrylip ($23.00 CAN).
Totally different from your typical matte lip. 
This is a extremely pigmented product.

Think of acrylic paints- The colour you see in the “tube” is what you get on the lips. 
No disappointment. No gimmicks.

Slanted tip: you are able to squeeze out much or how little product you want.

Colour range?
You get 10 shades ranging from bold pinks to deep eggplant.

Staying power?
I would totally stay it’s long lasting. The best way to describe it is a hybrid of a lipstick but the impact of the gloss because it’s not matte. I would pair it with a lip liner because application can get messy.


The texture is thin but buildable. Also not sticky like some of the other lip products.

I’m a fan of this product because it would work well in my kit. 
Squirt what I need on my fixing palette and go from there.

Make Up For Ever: Artist Acrylip 501