Guest Post: Why You Need a Tinted Primer

I love a good primer. Some may even call me a little bit of a primer junkie. I have tried all types from drugstore to high end. If you haven’t been using a primer, you are truly missing out. A good primer can make or break the how your makeup look once applied whether you’re keeping it light with a BB cream or doing full face, full coverage glam.

Many people skip out on this step because they don’t believe they need one or don’t think it is worth the investment. For those who don’t believe, you need a primer because:

  • It helps makeup to go on smoother
  • It conceals your pores
  • It helps your makeup last longer
  • It helps smooth/blur out imperfections
There are so many primers on the market to address certain skin types. Primers for mature skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mattifying primers and primers with illuminating properties for that extra glow.

When I had the chance to try a tinted primer by NYX, I was instantly intrigued. The NYX Soft Focus Tinted Primer ($14.00 CAN) comes in three shades: light, medium beige and warm - my shade being warm. While it is not a tinted moisturizer the primer does a great job of adding a sheer hint of colour while creating a smooth base for applying makeup. Win win!

The primer is very soft and lightweight and has a silicone-like feeling when applied so it does a GREAT job of filling in those pores and blurring.

I will say that although the name of the shade is “Warm,” on someone with more yellow undertones in the skin like myself, it will appear more on the neutral side but not a dealbreaker. Also, this isn’t the best for all day wear if you have oily skin. I seemed get quite oily about 6 hours in so it’s definitely not best for oil-control.

Overall a solid primer but oily friends, beware. I have worn the primer alone for super light days for when I want minimal coverage and get that blurring effect. The Soft Focus primer is beautiful under foundation giving you that flawless base.


Have you tried the NYX Soft Focus Primer? 
What are your thoughts?

Clore Beauty Recap + Sensationnel EMPIRE hair line

If you're following me on my social networks, you would have seen that a few weeks ago I was promoting an event with myself and a few other Toronto influencers.We were going to be at an in-store event for Clore Beauty Supply. To promote the launch of a Sensationnel EMPIRE hair line at their Customer Appreciation day. Clore Beauty Supply is a leading beauty supply company here in Canada (They even have a salon inside of two locations).

I got to meet amazing black Toronto influencers, interact with customers and learn from the awesome Sensationnel team & The Laws Agency who came down from USA to promote the hair. At the end of the day we got to choose whatever hair we wanted for our next install.

Images from The Laws Agency

Video from Pink ship Ltd

I can definitely understand why somebody would choose to go to a salon that is inside a beauty supply store! Everything is at your fingertips. When I go to a home salon and if we need something like an extra pack of braids…. it sucks. I would more than likely have to leave go to the store find the item and come back. Which adds time and inconvenient to the individual right after me.

Since I work my own flexible hours, I was able to get into the salon two days before Caribana. Very rare!!! Man, I was lucky to get a 1 o'clock appointment. Regarding the install, I can say that my stylist was very quick. Plus my braiding pattern was VERY neat. Also with it being Caribana weekend, I fortunately did not have any lines ahead of me or had to wait for my stylist. A win-win situation.

Now onto the hair: I got my install done August 2 and it is now the 14th. I've only had this hair in for 13 days so I fully cannot assess the full duration of the hair (usually a month install for me). If your hair is natural like mine, I would definitely recommend getting a closure or a full head weave for the straight hair. They did have four different types of closures on hand but I decided to forgo that. For me, I could say that was probably not a good idea because it's summer and I don't even need to tell you about leave out frizz I’m dealing with.

You could see the difference in texture (on a humid day like today) but again as I said if you're not willing to straighten your hair daily….. get a closure/full head install. Also let me report that there was been very minimal shedding. I might get a bit of tangles at the nape but that's a normal thing for me and lobs (long bobs). Especially since it's resting on my shoulders.

Me stressing out and my hair frizzing out *Real tears* Hahaha!

So that's my honest opinion of the Sensationnel EMPIRE Yaki hair. 
If you’re interested, Clore Beauty Supply has six store locations from
Scarborough to Ottawa to serve you!

Let me know what you think of me in a burgundy hair. 
I’m still unsure. I’m so use to all black.

Is it a look? 
Or should go back to ALL black?

*This hair was given to me for an honest review*

Flashing?!?! Is the DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device for you?

I cant even begin to tell you how many times an email for an interesting device pops up into my inbox. Then I ask about it and it's USA only. REALLY! 
Flat out.. If it's not available here.... I'm not covering it. 

I don't know if it's me or not but once you hear about a product- it's everywhere! I remember seeing an old video of Taraji P. Henson's MUA using the tool on her before the Grammy's. Guess what?? It was the DERMAFLASH device!  A few weeks ago, I got an email saying the DERMAFLASH was available in Canada.

So I had to do some inquiries about it before I jumped the gun.

Thankfully, I got some answers from DERMAFLASH and I'm sharing them for people like me who have questions!

First question...What is DERMAFLASH?
DERMAFLASH is a hand held facial exfoliating device that removes dead dull skin cells and vellus hair revealing radiant, smooth, fuzz-free skin. It instantly removes peach fuzz, built-up debris and dead skin in minutes flat.

In minutes?? That's Quick! What are the benefits of this device?
DERMAFLASH brings the benefits of professional dermaplaning to the privacy of home. Skincare products easily absorb and are able to do their job more effectively while makeup lies flawlessly on a perfectly smooth canvas.

I got it. I'm in my 30s... Can use this?
Yes, DERMAFLASH is appropriate for all ages.

Quick question...Eyebrow safe or no?
You should avoid the eyebrow area when flashing.

Makes sense..How many times a month should I use this?
For best results, 'flash' yourself once a week to reveal a glow from within and skincare and makeup products will look better on the skin than ever before!

Oh wow... Okay! Where do I get refills?
You can purchase the device and refills at Hudson's Bay and in Canada. The device retails for $236 CAD.


I'm interested in the three-step method: Prep, Edge, Soothe to release my inner glow. 
Personally, I am going to do some more research before I try it. 

Have you tried dermaplaning before?

*I was sent a device prior to this review*