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What's your favorite Department store makeup?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mine has to be Mac. I admit I haven't really explored alot of other companies. But Mac has so many colors and options to choose from. I admit it can be too much...but there are so many blogs and tutorials to help you. I have a gift card from there...and I dunno wdf to get!
If your a mac junkie let me know what's your favorite item from them.

Not to mention if your favorite department store make up isn't Mac,Let me know what It is and I will check it out!


  1. I am also a MAC junkie!!
    #1 pretty cheap compare to any other high end makeup

    #2 they recycle "Back to MAC"

    #3 their make up works!! last long, pigmented, lots to choose from and etc....

    What to buy??? you can never go wrong w/their eyeshadows!

  2. I agree with Katrina. MAC is doin' somethin right with havin' a lot of product available in every dang color.

  3. Kat:

    I agree!
    I was thinking eye shadows and some lip stuff lol

  4. At first, I would stick to drugstore brands, then brands only found online...I'm just getting into MAC. I've always known that their products were good quality though.

  5. Lady L:

    I agree they always have people coming back!

  6. Girl...I'm a boy and I loves MAC!!!!

    Lip gloss, eye shadow and the usual every man needs!!!!:)

  7. OhSoPolished: I agree mac is something that everyone should have!

  8. Reggie: LMAO @ the usual every man needs..u crack me up!

  9. hi jenn!
    MAC has also become one of my fave brands and i've only really gotten into it last year coz i've always tried to ignore it since it's too overpriced where i live. cheers!

  10. is definitely my fav. And MUFE and UD! But I'm a MAC fan for life!

  11. my favorite MAC item has to be Studio Tech Foundation and also their permanent eyeshadows you can't go wrong with any colors =)

  12. Yas: UD has some great stuff too!

    Irish: I gotta try there foundation :)

  13. i have yet to purchase my 1st mac product. i do plan a trip to the cco in a few weeks.
    i think by far, the best value would be the pigments. you get so much product for the price. you can always press them for on the go use. you can share with friends (no hint intended LOL). i did get a sample from a bud. metal urge. it is "okay" next to my HiP pigments as far as intensity. but by far, per volume, i think it is the better value. i may invest in a msf, but other than that, idk what on earth i'd get from them. i do like bobbi brown's new color palette, although after having seen the size of it, i was a lil bummed. reminds me the size of lacolors 5 palette. but i know it is da bomb quality. nars is calling my name too. LOL but ??? do let us know what you got girl!

  14. Nice swatches Thanks. Your headboard is the Bizz I wanted mines Like that


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