Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirants

His and Hers?
I know everyone has an interesting antiperspirant story. 
I'm so over messy and wet formulations. 
It's time that something new came along.

Hello Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirants ($5.99 CAN)!
Dove offers the option for men+care as well.

  • Made with Dove ¼ moisturizer.
  • Leaves underarms free of visible residue. 
  • 4 scent formulations in the line.
  • It goes on instantly dry.
  • Non-irritant formula.
  • It goes on instantly dry.
  • 48-hour protection. 
  • 4 scent formulations in the line.
This will be my go-to product that I'll be using on my wedding day. 
Way too many pictures going on to worry about any residue on that day!

Have you seen these in stores?

Available across Canada at grocery, drug and mass retailers.

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