Who knew the key to hydrated skin was something you would find on the beach! When
 THEFACESHOP came out with their mango seed line I had to try it. In the island, mango seeds are commonly discarded after eating. Did you know that mango seeds can survive 300 years in harsh environments? Now "one of nature’s best-kept secret" can help you revive your skin.

One of my current favourites is the Mango seed oil to foam cleanser. 

You get the benefits of a cleansing oil (the new it product) and a foam ($15.00 CAN). Start off by wetting your face, squirt some oil in your hands and once you start to massage it into your face- it turns into a rich foam. After super soft skin is yours!

Last week, when it was colder, I was rocking the Mango seed date-prep butter ($32.00 CAN). 

I didn't have a date everyday but I did have extreme moisture. It's nice and thick, definitely what I needed to hydrate. It contains Fair Trade ingredients from Sudan, Africa.

This week is the perfect time to use the Mango seed silk moisturizing lotion ($26.00 CAN).

 Made with 100% mango seed butter it's a silky and doesn't have a heavy texture/formula.

Is there a product here that you would like to try?

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