Revlon Kiss™ Cushion Lip Tint

Ava Rose is literally my world. While I husband is at work- I stay home and maintain my business.... Plus take care of her daily. So when it’s time to go out- I usually have a bare face. 

As always, I'm looking for products which are going to make my day easier. 

The girls on twitter have been talking about the new Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint that has been popping-up in stores. When I got the email to try them I jumped on because of the word “tint”. That means that after my wild day that hopefully I will have a tint of something on my lips. 

I miss the times where I could sit and do my whole face.
I am lucky if I get to do my eyebrows!

The best way to describe Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint ($11.50 CAN) is that it’s soft cushion tip product that delivers tint and moisture. Not just tint and leaves your lips dry like some other brands. 

How to apply?
When you first apply it- don’t be surprised if your clicking forever to get the product out! 
I’m talking 10+ clicks. That part was odd but once out- just apply the product directly to your lips.
The tip is helpful when applying the tint. 

One thing that surprised me was I expected sheer watery colours. 
Totally the opposite! They're actually pretty pigmented.

Here are 6 colours which are suitable for my skin tone:
There is a slight scent to them. 
I’d describe it as coconut… which makes sense because the tint is infused with coconut oil.

Overall, I think these are fun. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking for a no fuss product. 
  • I can apply this in the car with no mirror (major pro) because of the cushion tip. 
  • Leaves my lips soft like I'm wearing a lip balm. 
  • Not sure if anyone cares.. but there is transfer. So if I'm wearing it I wont kiss the baby. 

Lastly, I will admit that the tint isn't a 5+ hour thing. If you have no problem with applying throughout the day (less time than gloss or lipsticks) this is totally worth investing in!

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