REVIEW: Dreambaby Mayfair Converta 3-in-1 Playpen Gate

The best thing about being a parent is watching your little one grow up. Every new milestone is exciting! Ava Rose is so smart! I just love the way how she catches on to things. Their process of learning how to crawl is no exception, even if it is the “belly/military” crawl (like what she is doing). The scary part is that it makes you realize just how dangerous your house is. 

Without giving out my full details I live in a decent sized townhouse that has a open concept kitchen/living room/dining room. Not my first choice- but the best choice that my husband and I had at the time. We totally didn’t think it through if we had kids... 

Back to the baby: My 11.5 month-old has been crawling a lot lately. And getting into EVERYTHING! The one thing about her is that she quite quick! I don’t know where she got it from but if she sees something she likes... she goes for it. It's adorable....until she heads toward the TV unit, or the stairs. Pretty sure that if we leave her be- she'll crawl her way right out the front door altogether. 

I’m so happy that I was introduced to Dreambaby. They graciously gave me the opportunity to chose a gate of my choice for Ava. When my husband and I started researching we looked into everything and a Play-Pen Gate was the best option. More specifically, we went with the Mayfair 3-in 1 Play-Pen Gate

Perfect for open concept space. 

Number 1:
It can be set up in a different shapes to accommodate the size of your room. 
We usually do the hexagon shape with some foam blocks underneath for some extra padding. 

Number 2:
If you live in a open concept house like I do- You know that it’s easy for everything to look cluttered. This folds up and can be stored easily in the corner, a huge plus for those of us who might need that extra space sometimes.

Number 3:
The biggest selling point for me!! It's convertible, which means it can be used as a normal play pen, divider or as a baby gate depending on your needs. The panels can be opened to create an extra-long gate which is perfect for us keeping her out of the kitchen.

Number 4:
Looking at pictures you might not be able to tell but it’s sturdy. 
I don’t have to worry about it falling over on her. 

Number 5: 
It’s not too heavy for me to carry and set it up without my husbands help. 

When we first got the gate, my husband and I mainly thought that we would put it up as more as a barrier for her NOT to access the stairs but we found out that she actually doesn’t mind being enclosed. I’m not sure if it’s because she can see us through the gate... but of but nine times out of ten- If we have to put her in there to wash dishes, to read or do light cleaning... she will play without any complains.

100% sure once she starts walking, we will be using the gate as a barrier full-time. 

Since I set it up I feel better about letting her explore her environment without worrying that she'll end up somewhere she's not supposed to. 

How do you feel about baby gates? 
Is it something you will be investing in/have invested in? 



  1. Your baby girl is adorable. The playpen sounds like a lifesavers for parents who are trying to get things done and still looking out for their little one

  2. I love this Playpen gate, my daughter has the same one for her daughter. she can play in it for a while, while mommy cleans up. Her 8 year old brother even gets in to play with her. Your daughter is so adorable.

  3. These are some great tips and so needed as a first time mom. Your baby is gorgeous. Both my boys had a playpin, but neither liked being in it.

  4. She is so cute! We had something very similar when my daughter was a baby.


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