YES, I cut that B**CH!

Yes you heard me!
I hope my title caught your attention and didn't scare you away!

I cut the crease perfectly for the FIRST time.
I am so proud of my self..

What is cutting the crease you ask..?!?!?

It's when you draw in your crease with a dark eyeshadow. Dark meaning darker than your lid color shadow.

I have small eyes but alot of lid space, so cutting the crease allows me to balance my lids!

THIS IS NOT A LOOK FOR EVERYDAY ME.. sorry to yell but I am just saving myself from the rude comments.

I used a small pencil make up brush to do the trick.
I hope you like the pics!

Make up I used:
MAC Taupograpic Shadestick
MAC Melon Pigment
MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow
MAC Royal Flush pigment
MAC Naked lunch
Mac Dark Soul Pigment
Revlon Eyeliner
Cover Girl mascara

Why do I look so sad?!?! LOL

Let me know what you think below


  1. Love! I still have yet to try this...

  2. hmm I've never tried this look before!! I'm curious to how it will look on me, hehe I will this weekend now

  3. Nice!! That does look like a peerrrrfect cut crease. :D Really good job! Id' have loved to see an open-eye shot though. :)

  4. congrats! that stuff is tough. usually after i do one eye i get nervous to do the other :P

  5. great job.. love the colors you used..

  6. Love it! You did great for your first attempt.

  7. LOL girl u sure did cut that crease! It looks so damn good! I was talking about that yesterday... I have yet to accomplish this. Now I'm even more determined!

  8. that is hottt girl! love it

  9. Hey! I like this cutting crease look! Seems so good!

  10. It looks perfect! I wish I could get that in my first try. I still can't do it right. You're a natural cut-creaser, girl.. haha

  11. totally fab!!! i love the look. shoot, i wish i could do that. haha. awesome work!

  12. Hey Jenn!

    Just letting you know that I posted my entry up on my site today


  13. I love this!it's sexy...get it gurl lol

  14. i really like how it came out - such a perfect arch!

  15. great job! people underestimate the challenge of doing this successfully. but 1ce i banged it out 1x, it was easier the next. love how ur challenging urself. u rock. keep up the good work!


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