My Christmas look + Merry Christmas+ NY resolutions

It's Christmas :D 

Merry Christmas Spiced Beauty followers & readers!! I can't believe how quickly time flies.. I swear it was January yesterday ..geez. And New Years is just around the corner.. I know I say this all the time but 2011 WILL be better. I will make it better..less negativity and more optimism! I hope you all feel the same :)

Now on to the look. It's super simple but still pretty. If you need a tutorial, click here because I used Annabelle products to get the look. I definetly needed a low maintenance look because Christmas dinner is at our house and like 50 people will be here... that A LOT for a townhouse. So I know I will be helping out.. no time to

I am leaving Ontario to go to Montreal with my BF and 2 friends for New Years.  I have never done anything for NYE before so I'm nervous but excited! I'm sad I cant bring all my makeup but I will be posting my look for you all to see :) Enough of my banter..hahaha.

What was your Christmas look?


  1. Merry Christmas my dear. Hope u have a fun time in MTL. We're actually usually in MTL for NYE but this year we're hosting a party. Should be fun

  2. You look gorgeous! :) Have fun in MTL and please share what you did when you get back. ;)

  3. Hope you had an awesome Christmas and have fun in Motreal!

  4. Looks great!! (Ps. totallllllly didn't know you guest blogged for Annabelle! The tutorial's reallly well done:D)



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