BarryM Nail Paints in Red Glitter & Bright Pink Swatches

As you all know I love nail polishes! It doesn't matter whether its a matte, cream or glitter.. I must to have them all. I have to show you all the two I recently received from Barry M!

 Bright Pink (279)  & Red Glitter (150)
Choose from over 50 different shades, Covering the whole colour spectrum-from pure white to decadent red. There are metallic pearls, mattes and shimmering finishes to suit every mood and taste. All Nail Paints are in a quick-drying base suitable for natural or acrylic nails.
Bright Pink has a cream finish. In my opinion it looks more of a bubblegum pink than a bright pink. I only needed two coats to get even coverage, which is good because it dried quickly.

Red Glitter is made up of fine glitters. This glitter can be worn alone or with a solid polish underneath.
Love it!

Flash vs. No Flash 

I definitely need more of these!
Which color is your favorite?


  1. Oooh I've never tired the red glitter nail paint before,I think I will now its lovely.

    I love Barry M,they are the brand everyone buys for great value colour ranges here in the UK.I would also recommend,their dazzle dust collection which is also amazing.


  2. I like the red one! GLITTER!

  3. i love the red glitter. it looks great

  4. HAHA my two favorite things.. PINK and GLITTER!!

  5. I can't decide! They are both GORGEOUS! >>insert Angelic Chorus HERE<< LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. i like the red glitter the best ^-^
    p.s im your new follower

  7. they r both pretty,I love Barry M Nail paints

  8. M'Dear, how on EARTH did you get these?? i thought we could only get them in the UK??!


  9. Definitely loving the bubble gum pink. I need that polish in my life!


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