Did you know that 56% of girls lose confidence during puberty...
Puberty was an awkward time. Trying to see where you fit in/who your real friends are..
I could go on and on..

Being that I'm the oldest in my family.
I was use to hearing other people using the term "like a girl" to me.

Thankfully, my parents always believed in me and never subjected me to that... but not every girl is that lucky. Only 19% of girls have a positive association with the phrase “like a girl.”

This has got to change! I
t’s time to refine the term #LikeaGirl.

Don't know what I mean? 
Watch this video!

Directed by Lauren Greenfield, winner of the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award for her documentary, “The Queen of Versailles” in 2012, the #LikeaGirl social experiment captures how doing something like a girl changes as they grow up and how a bit of encouragement can go a long way in changing what it means to be proud to be a girl, and do things like a girl.

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