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So I'm in the process of finalizing my guest list.
This has been the MOST nerve wrecking process ever.
Who to invite, who not to invite...
One of the biggest things to consider is personalities.
Especially when creating your seating plans.

You need an easy, clear and concise way to do it.
I found the perfect online software to help!
It's called Top Table Planner.

I asked Adam Leyton the Director of Top Table Planner some quick questions about the software.

Why should a bride look into using a software like Top Table Planner?
Also what are the benefits of using a software like this?
TopTablePlanner takes all the stress and headache out of arranging your seating plan. Instead of messing around with scraps of paper or Post-It (sticky) notes which can easily get lost or muddled, you simply move your guests and tables around the screen until you’ve created the perfect plan. You can even save different versions to see which works best.

The greatest benefit of TopTablePlanner is that as there’s no software to download, you can access and edit your seating plan from anywhere - from home, work or even at your venue! It’s easy to create PDF copies of your plan too for printing or emailing to your stationer or wedding/event planner.

Which devices can the software be accessed on?
TopTablePlanner works on pretty much any device with an internet browser - PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone!

What is the best way to input guests on to the software?
It’s easy to import your guest from an Excel spreadsheet or Word file. You can, of course, add names manually too.

What types of tables can you choose from?
TopTablePlanner supports round, square and various configurations of rectangular table. You can add rows of seats too for planning your ceremony seating as well if you wish to.

So far I have created all 12 tables and filled them with guest.
I was even able to differentiate guest by gender and meal choice.
I feel so accomplished!
You have two choices: 
  • A free trial
    The only thing you can’t do in the trial is save plans and it’s limited to 10 guests and 5 tables.

  • Paid
    It costs just £10/$20 for 6 months of use or £15/$30 for a whole year. 

They also offer a 7-day moneyback guarantee.

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  1. I will be planning for my wedding soon feb 2017, we already saved the venue. I will definitely keep this in mind for later use!


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