Curl Care Box

I won't lie. I don't know many curl boxes ship to Canada or originate in Canada. So I was excited to check out AOnesbeauty curl care box. Not sure if many people know.. I'm natural. I've been natural for a LONG time. I usually straighten my hair to wear with weaves. But on my wash/in-between days I make sure my natural curls are moisturized and popping!

Now about the box. There is shipping to Canada & USA. 
The Canadian box is $30 (including shipping).
The USA box is $45 (including shipping).

What you should know about each box:

  • Has around $40 (or more) in products. 
  • You could get beauty products, samples & curly hair specific products (+plus discount coupons). 
  • Ship on the 25th of each month. 
  • Limited quantities. 
  • Ships to: Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories for $45

The December 2015 box was pretty good. I was extremely excited for the dye, detangler, gel & Jamaican castor oil. The two beauty products were cool too! Especially since they're in colours that I would use/flatter my skin tone. Lastly, samples are a blessing. If it works, I buy. If not, I throw them away. No love lost.
The only thing in the box which doesn't bother me but I could see some others having an issue with is the Profectiv No-Lye Relaxer Touch Up. I know natural girls who relax their edges or are texlaxed- so I can understand why it would be in the box. 
The total price of the contents in the box:

Would you try a curl care box?

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