Have you tried Softlips?

I can not leave the house without lip balm. Due to the cold Canadian weather- they're a must have. I was sent over some new products from  Softlips®. I remember back in high school when Softlips® were the go-to lip balms. Now they're back and better than ever!

Two types: Luxe & Cube

Softlips® LUXE ($4.67 CAN)

What I really like about the packaging is that it's clear-
so you will always know how much product is left.

Available in:
Creamy Coconut
Silky Shea

Softlips CUBE ($4.99 CAN) 
Comes in a glass-like cube design. 
The packaging isn't bulky and can easily be thrown in your purse.

Available in:
Berry Bliss
Fresh Mint
Peach Mango
Vanilla Bean

Cube & Luxe: 5 in 1 lip care

A lot of dead skin on your lips right now? 
Shea butter will be your best friend. It hydrates and restores your lips back to normal.

Lips splitting due to the cold weather? 
The vitamins A, C & E are going to put antioxidants into your lip and replenish any damage.

SPF 15 is definitely needed if you're going out outside. Just because you put it on your face you cannot forget your lips.

I like the fact that the application is smooth. I hate waxy lip balms! Also the "scent/fragrance" is very pleasant. If you're crazy like me you could even layer scents to get a customized concoction that works for you.

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