Lise Watier Cosmetics: Rouge Intense Suprême SWATCHES

I'm always talking about how I need to highlight some more Canadian companies.
Especially ones who are doing amazing things!
Honestly have been sitting on these pretty lipsticks for a while….but it's time that you experience the greatness that is Lise Watier Cosmetics: Rouge Intense Suprême ($27 CAN).

These lipsticks actually come in 15 different shades. I know this is corny but these lipsticks were definitely “love at first swatch”. They apply effortlessly! No dragging! No tugging! When I first applied them they literally glided along my lips. You guys know I'm queen of matte lipsticks but these were a lovely surprise from my usual.

Three main selling features for me are:

• The colours are super rich and pigmented.
Even though I have pigmented lips (naturally) one swipe is all I needed.

• The colours are long-lasting.
Even after eating/talking throughout the day the colour was still on my lips. Almost like a “stain”. Which is awesome! I think that this would be perfect for brides or anyone going to a special event who wants something a bit more than a matte lipstick.

• Lastly it's super hydrated.
As I'm actually typing this.. I am slowly smacking my lips together and it's such a good feeling. These lipsticks are actually infused with Labrador tea extract. This is very important because this is an exclusive agent in this Lise Watier Cosmetics lipstick.

Let me add a bonus. I love the fact that they come in a magnetic casing. Sometimes I have a lipstick in my bag and with all the moving around the cap comes off. Then I go in to reach for something and my bag is full of lipstick marks! Not what you want to see you in a $400 bag… I can tell you right now.


Days when I'm feeling that I need something bold and exotic I go for Caroline.

Days when I want something soft and feminine I go for Kelly.
To showcase this lipstick, I used a deep brown to line my lips.

So ladies what colour is your favourite here?

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  1. Kelly looks so beautiful on you! I really also like Caroline :)


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